Equipaje especial

You may also purchase it in advance through our Customer Service channels, or at the airport offices on the date of your flight.

How it works

You can purchase special baggage from your booking, by clicking the link below, by clicking any of the shortcuts called Additional Baggage, or through the “My booking” option found on our webpage.

2. Then you must enter the reservation code and the last name of one of the passengers.

3. In your booking, select “Improve your flight experience” or click on the Additional Baggage button at the bottom of the screen.

4. There you can select the number of pieces of special baggage you wish to add to your flight and to the passengers of your choosing. You can also check the total price (including taxes).

5. Enter your credit card information.

Special baggage may also be purchased in advance through our Call Center via WhatsApp, at one of our offices or at the airport on the date of departure of your flight.

Sports equipment, musical instruments and audiovisual equipment are considered special baggage; they can be carried as checked baggage in Aerolíneas Argentinas flights. However, such items are not part of the baggage allowance applicable to a purchased fare, and therefore an additional fee will be charged at a fixed rate, which will depend on the route.

The charges that apply per route and per leg are:


to / from
Sports, Instruments and Media
Argentina < >  Argentina - Excepto Tierra del Fuego $ 3.499
Argentina < >  Argentina - Tierra del Fuego $ 2.892
Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay < > Sudamerica USD 60
Bolivia < > Sudamerica USD 69
Colombia < > Sudamerica USD 63
Peru < > Sudamerica USD 71
Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Paraguay, Perú, Uruguay < >  Internacional USD / EUR 150
Bolivia  < >  Internacional USD / EUR 172
Colombia < >  Internacional USD / EUR 158
Perú < >  Internacional USD / EUR 117
México < > Sudamérica USD  174
Republica Dominicana < > Sudamérica USD  117
Cuba, Estados Unidos, Europa < > Sudamérica USD / EUR 150

The stated prices are final and include the relevant tax charged by each country.


1-In Argentina, and between Argentina and Chile, if the bag exceeds 23 kg, it will have to be dispatched through Cargo. 
2- South American flights include the following countries: Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay. 
3- International flights include the following countries: Mexico, Dominican Republic, United States, Europe, Oceania, Africa and Asia.

Check here terms and conditions

A – Sports baggage

  • Only the equipment mentioned in the Chart and the component items there described will be accepted as sports equipment, upon the payment of the applicable fee. (See sports equipment chart). 
  • Surf boards up to 300 cm long only will be accepted as checked baggage; if that size is exceeded, they may only be carried through Aerolíneas Cargo.
  • Sports equipment such as hang gliders, kayaks, canoes and oars, windsurfing equipment, vaulting poles and javelins will not be accepted and, therefore, must be dispatched through Aerolíneas Cargo.

Sports equipment chart



Type Equipment includes
Deportes de nieve Snow skiing One pair of snow skis, one pair of boots, one pair of ski poles, one helmet
Snowboard One snowboard, one pair of boots, one helmet
Deportes acuáticos Water skiing One pair of water skis
Scuba diving Goggles, mask, snorkel, BCD-regulator, tank pressure gauge, neoprene wetsuit, a pair of fins, 2 (empty) oxygen bottles.
Fishing Two fishing rods, one reel, one net, one pair of wading boots, one box of fishing tackle
Surfing One bag with one surfboard not exceeding 300 cm long
Kitesurf A board, a kite, a boom, and a unique packing mast.
Wakeboarding, boogieboarding or  bodyboarding One board inside its bag
Otros deportes Hunting  (hunting firearms)

-One bag containing a maximum of two rifles, 5 kilos of ammunition inside its original packaging or in a box with a spaced tray, one shooting target, sound suppressors, and small rifle tools, or

-Two shotguns and their two cases, or

- -One case for handguns containing 5 handguns or less, 5 kilos of ammunition inside its original packaging or in a box with a spaced tray, sound suppressors, one scope, and small handgun tools.. Find the complete information in the Module "Carrying Firearms".


A conventional one-seat touring or racing bicycle (without motor) with a container suitable for its carriage.

The container may be rigid or a box specifically designed for the carriage of bicycles.

It must be in good condition and it must have no stickers or labels, except for the technical specifications of the bicycle. The handlebars must be folded; the pedals, removed; and the tires, deflated.

Golf One bag with clubs and one pair of shoes
Sandboarding One board inside its bag
Hockey A pair of skates and hockey a stick
Sports equipment mentioned in this chart may be carried taking into account their maximum weight according to the relevant route, without regard to their size.

Other sports equipment

Sports equipment not included in this list may be carried as checked baggage and are not billed as special baggage, as long as they conform to weight and size limitations according to the route.

B – Musical instruments

1 - As carry-on baggage

In order to carry larger instruments, such as a violoncello, the passenger will have to pay for an adjacent seat. Booking must be made through our Contact Center (0810-222-86527) at least 48 hours before the departure date of the flight. The instrument must be securely packed to be carried safely on the seat

  • One musical instrument may be carried as carry-on baggage. The item must be carried in a case that can be fitted into the bin, not exceeding 80 cm long and the weight allowed according to the route. In this case, the musical instrument will be the only carry-on baggage that the passenger will be allowed to transport on board, plus one personal item. 
  • If the item exceeds the established maximum limitations for carry-on baggage, it will have to be carried as checked baggage and will be subject to overweight charges.
  • .

2 – Instruments as checked baggage

  • You can carry your musical instrument as checked baggage, under the following conditions:

    • Each instrument will be charged according to the fees established in the Special Baggage chart, according to the route.
    • The instrument must be securely packed and placed inside a suitable case to avoid any damage during travel. We recommend carrying instruments in special containers for fragile objects.

C – Audio visual equipment

You may carry TVs, monitors, projection screens, speakers/sound amplifiers, among other items, as special checked baggage. These items must be adequately packaged or placed in a suitable container for their transportation.

Note: the above list of audiovisual equipment that can be carried is not exhaustive.

Special baggage considerations

  • Special baggage may be purchased when checking the baggage at the airport and/or in advance through our Call Center or commercial offices.
  • Special baggage must be adequately packed and placed inside resistant containers.
  • Aerolíneas Argentinas is not responsible for damages to special baggage during the flight or handling, since carrying fragile or valuable items as checked baggage is not recommended.
  • Each piece of Special Baggage may not exceed:
    1. Weight for flights within Argentina: 15kg in tourist and 23kg in Premium Economy for flights within Argentina. If it exceeds 23kg, it must be dispatched through Aerolineas Cargo.
    2. Weight for Regional and International flights: 23kg for both tourist and Business, for regional and international flights (except Bogotá, which are 20kg).
    • If the special baggage exceeds the established limits, it may be subject to overweight or oversize charges at the airport. For more information, see our excess section
    • Irrespective of its size, any item exceeding the 20 kg, 23 kg or 32 kg baggage allowance, depending on the route, cannot be carried as checked baggage and must be checked through Aerolineas Cargo.
    • Ar Plus Gold passengers entitled to the benefit of 1 extra item (of the same amount of kilos authorized for the ticket class/family) may choose to replace this extra item with one special baggage item no charges.
    • Ar Plus Platinum passengers entitled to the benefit of 1 extra item (of the same amount of kilos authorized for the ticket class/family) may also choose to add one special baggage item free of charge.

Special baggage without charge