Additional Baggage

You can make the purchase in advance through our customer service channels or at the airport on the day of the flight.

You may purchase up to 4 additional pieces of baggage in advance, up to 3 hours before the departure of your flight

How it works?

1. You can purchase additional baggage from your booking, by clicking the link below, by clicking any of the shortcuts called Additional Baggage, or through the “My booking” option found on our webpage.
2. Then you must enter the reservation code and the last name of one of the passengers.
3. In your booking, select “Improve your flight experience” or click on the Additional Baggage button at the bottom of the screen. There you can select the number of additional pieces of baggage you wish to add to your flight and to the passengers of your choosing. You can also check the total price (including taxes).
4. Enter your credit card information.
Charges applicable to tickets issued between October 14, 2020 and May 2, 2021


  • Bear in mind that all additional services are non-refundable.
  • The purchase of Additional Baggage is not applicable to special baggage or overweight or oversize baggage.
  • This service does not earn miles.
  • When fares do not include baggage allowance, Aerolíneas Plus Gold, Platinum and Diamond members, as well as SkyTeam Elite and Elite Plus members, may use this benefit to have their first checked bag free of charge, according to the allowance established for the specific route and cabin. The additional baggage item charge applies to the purchase of additional baggage. The maximum number of additional bags that can be purchased is always 3.
  • In case of award tickets issued through the redemption of Aerolíneas Plus miles, up to four (4) additional bags may be purchased, all of them for the price of “additional bags”.

Each piece of Additional Baggage may not exceed:

Weight for domestic flights: 15 kg in coach class and 15 kg in Premium Economy class for flights within Argentina. If the baggage exceeds 23 kg, it will have to be dispatched through Aerolíneas Cargo.

Weight for regional and international flights: 23 kg both in coach class and in Business class for regional and international flights (except for flights to/from Bogotá, for which each piece of Additional Baggage may not exceed 20 kg).

Size: 158 linear cm (height, length and width).

In case of overweight or oversized bags, passengers will have to pay the relevant charges at the airport when boarding their flight. For more information click Excess Baggage.



  Exceso de Piezas
hacia / desde
1º pieza 
Piezas adicionales
Argentina < >  Argentina - Excepto Tierra del Fuego $ 3.499 $ 4.299
Argentina < >  Argentina - Tierra del Fuego $ 2.892 $ 3.553
Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay < > Sudamerica USD 30 USD 60
Bolivia < > Sudamérica USD 34 USD 69
Colombia < > Sudamérica USD 59 USD 95
Peru < > Sudamérica USD 59 USD 94
México < > Sudamérica USD 81 USD 116
Republica Dominicana < > Sudamérica USD 83 USD 118
Cuba, Estados Unidos < >  Sudamérica  USD 70 USD 100
Europa < >  Sudamérica USD/EUR 90 USD/EUR 120
Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay < > Internacional USD 70 USD 100
Bolivia < > Internacional USD 80 USD 115
Colombia < > Internacional (excepto Europa) USD 83 USD 119
Perú < > Internacional USD 83 USD 118
Colombia < > Europa USD/EUR 107 USD/EUR 143
The stated prices are final and include the relevant tax charged by each country.
1-Within Argentina and between Argentina and Chile, if it exceeds 23kgs, it must be cleared by Cargo.
2-Within South American routes, the following countries are included: Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay.


  • Tickets issued at a Promotional fare which does not include checked baggage: the 1st baggage item charge applies to the purchase of the first additional baggage item.
  • For flights departing from Europe, the charge shall apply in EUR (euros), whereas for flights departing from other South American destinations, the charge shall apply in USD (dollars).