Second flight of Aerolíneas Argentinas to Shanghai


April 16, 2020 –  Aerolíneas Argentinas announced a new special flight to Shanghai, China, with the purpose of bringing medical supplies and protective safety materials as requested by the Argentine Government.

The flight will depart on Friday 17, at 6.30 PM

and will make a refueling stop in Auckland before reaching destination. The flight will last approximately 55 hours with 6 hours of estimated work at Shanghai airport to load the medical supplies.

The flight will be made with an Airbus 330–200 aircraft specially prepared to transport cargo with the use of containing nets to enlarge the cargo capacity up to an additional 84%.

“We are planning to go on making this kind of flights at least twice per week based upon the needs and as requested by the Government. This is our contribution, and the people involved in these operations are truly happy to serve the country”, expressed Pablo Ceriani, President of Aerolíneas Argentinas.

Taking into account the distance to be covered and the characteristics of the aircraft, a specific analysis of the routes had to be made since the aircraft will have to fly bearing in mind a maximum distance of 180 minutes for eventual landing. The first stage of the flight, which will last some 15 hours, will be crossing the Pacific Ocean, passing the Easter Island, the French Polynesia and slightly heading South for a refueling stop in Auckland. Then, the second stage of 11 hours will take place to finally reach Shanghai airport.

At all times, the crew formed by 4 commanders, 8 copilots, 4 flight technicians and one operating dispatcher will remain onboard the aircraft to comply with the isolation orders.

“Everyone at Aerolíneas is doing a huge effort to bring the necessary medical supplies for the fight against the COVID-19”, added Pablo Ceriani, President of the Argentine flag carrier.

It should be mentioned that the first flight to China, which departed on Wednesday 15, will return to our country bringing 13 tons of medical supplies this Saturday 18, at 4.30 AM