The airline of the Argentine people is committed to its community in doing what it does best, carrying people and goods in a sustainable and safe manner, with the highest professional quality in the market.

Actions range from cooperation with institutions in need of emergency transport of patients or cargo due to health issues to the opening of our own Training Center to provide courses for technical schools, universities and individuals who sign up in the program “Animate a Volar” (“Dare to Fly”) to overcome their fear of planes.

We are also deeply committed to the preservation of endangered indigenous fauna in our country, for which it is key to transport the specimens as fast as possible to the rehabilitation centers and subsequently return them to their habitat.

We have renewed our fleet with a view to improving efficiency and reducing the impact of CO2 emissions on the environment, among other environmental measures. Moreover, from the point of view of our service and human resources, we aim for our planes and work settings to be free of prejudice and open to diversity, in an integral manner.

Programs and measures, by thematic area:

1- Health

2- Education

3- Environment

4- Suppliers

5- Travel Experience

6- Community

7- Inclusion

1. Health

It is our Mission to connect the Argentine people and consolidate a federal network. The main business of the Aerolíneas Group is the carriage of people and goods, for which reason we base a great part of our CSR program on the transport for health and medical reasons of low income individuals or communities in a climate emergency situation, or in the event of a catastrophe.

We cooperate by doing the following:

- Donating tickets for individuals (and a companion) lacking resources who are in need of a medical procedure, surgery or a transplant.

- Donating cargo space for clinical materials, sanitary equipment, medical instruments, etc.

Arrangements are made through foundations and NGOs to ensure environmental assessment, correct delivery and logistic capacity.

2. Education

We are the leading company in the Argentine aviation market, and our top value is safety. This is rooted on the fact that we are the only airline in the country having our own workshops and training center (CeFePRA). Our main program is “Animate a Volar” (“Dare to Fly”), for people who experience fear or an uncomfortable feeling when flying. The purpose is to show them how we work, provide them with information to clear any preconceptions or prejudices against the industry. We thus bring people closer to their first flight or help them regain their trust in flying.

By welcoming different kinds of public at our premises we are able to:

* Show the professional quality of our team.

* Reveal our work in connection to safety and customer service.

* Teach future generations about fleet maintenance and management through school and university visits.

* Show how we manage our company to opinion leaders, officials and regulatory authorities.

* Get different areas of the company involved, which helps create commitment and cultural change.

* Have an impact on the media, through the broadcasting of stories and personal impressions.

3. Environment

Our sustainability value involves reviewing a threefold economic, social and environmental report. In this area we do the following:

* FEP or fuel efficiency program, including the modernization of our fleet with a great reduction of CO2 emissions and noise pollution.

* Agreement with Fundación Bioandina for the preservation of the Andean Condor.

* Cooperation with the City of Buenos Aires’ EcoParque in the transport of animals needing geographical relocation.

4. Supplier Development

Values such as efficiency, sustainability and federalism demand a corporate effort to take our programs to the different regions of the country. Given its magnitude and renown, the Aerolíneas Group attracts several publics that wish to offer their products and services to the company. The Supplier Development program includes:

* More and better suppliers, to become a more competitive airline.

* Calls in different parts of the country, and communication with local officials.

* Reflecting the transparency with which the company carries out contracting and bidding processes.

* Federal contracting as a strategy for cost saving.

* Law giving priority to the purchase of Argentine products (“Compre Nacional”) and supplier code of ethics.

5. Travel Experience

Having the value of customer satisfaction as its number one objective and with a functional (commercial) view of the business, these measures seek to reflect, through public space actions, the image of a fresh, spontaneous, cheerful brand, present in the everyday life of Argentine people. We carry out:

* Actions at airports or on our planes on special dates, such as children’s day, Winter holidays, spotter day, among others.

* Inclusion and flexibilization of flight rules to adapt to new social demands, within the proper security and regulation framework.

* Coordination with other actors in the commercial aviation sector.

6. Area of Influence Community

We seek to reinforce, within the areas of operation of our main hubs and layovers, the values of federalism and connectivity. We focus on our differentiating quality: we are the only airline that flies to all points in the country, as well as on the positive impact generated by our business on the area.

Spontaneous whip-rounds are currently carried out by our staff and participants of the “Animate a Volar” (“Dare to Fly”) program, and the donations are taken to nearby deprived neighborhoods.

7. Inclusion

If we wish to warrant connectivity and accessibility for all the community, we need to include minorities. To that end, we work internally with the different operating and travel experience sectors to flexibilize and update current rules so that everyone may be able to fly, independently of their physical condition, gender, age or disability, among other considerations. This issue is present across all other thematic areas in our CSR program and company departments. We want more women to occupy leadership positions or positions traditionally held by men, such as, for example, pilots and platform coordinators. We think the diversity of our work teams is a paramount asset.