For your safety and comfort on board hand luggage must comply with the measures and maximum weight, otherwise it will be despatched in the hold of the plane.

At the check-in counters there is already a method of measuring the size of carry-on bags. Therefore, bags that exceed the permitted size will be checked and carried in the belly of the plane. This is mandatory because oversized bags will not fit in the overhead bins or under the seats.

Maximum measures

Measurements: The sum of the three dimensions of each piece should not exceed 115cm.

Maximum Weight

Domestic flights in Argentina, economy class: 1 Piece of 8 kg (18 lbs).

Domestic flights in Argentina, Club Economy class: 1 Piece of 10 kg (22 lbs).

International flights, all classes: 1 Piece of 10 kg (22 lbs).


Infants (INF) not occupying a seat are entitled to a free checked baggage allowance only, which consists of 1 piece of maximum 10 kg and 115 cm.


Children are entitled to the same baggage allowance as adult passengers.

Dangerous Elements

Totally Prohibited Items
Muriatic acid Adhesives, glues Self-defense sprays
Hydrogen peroxide of more than 30 volumes Airbags Electroshock weapons
Cleaning items (virulana (steel wool), metal cleaner, etc.)) Sparklers First-aid kits
Charcoal Granular/tablets chlorine -
Restricted items
Air conditioners. Tube with less than 12kg of gas.
Aerosols in Division 2.2  (Deodorants, etc.) up to 2kg per person in containers not exceeding 0.5kg.
Alcohol Gel  (Up to 100ml.) Only one per person
Portable electronic medical devices
Containing lithium metal or lithium-ion cells or batteries: and non-spillable batteries of 12V or less and 100Wh or less, automatic external defibrillators -DEA; nebulizers; device for applying positive pressure; etc. 
Personal Toilet Items 
(Not containing gas) up to 2kg per person in containers not exceeding 0.5kg.
Consumer electronics powered by lithium metal or lithium-ion cells or batteries (lithium metal up to 2g, lithium ion up to 100Wh)
Such as watches, calculators, cameras, cell phones, laptops. Batteries must not exceed 2 g for lithium metal batteries and 100 Wh for lithium ion.
Heat producing articles
Such as diving lamps. The power source must be removed.
Sulfur bars  
Mercury Barometer  (weather service personnel only)
Alcoholic drinks.  Up to 5L. Containing between 24% and 70% alcohol.
Camping stove that uses flammable liquid fuel  (Empty, with no fuel odor, and packed in polyethylene bag)
Small non-flammable gas cartridges fitted into a life jacket  
Compressed air cartridges.  (Check required documentation and packing conditions.)
Human Ashes (Check required documentation and packing conditions.)
Electronic Cigarettes (e-cigarettes)  Use on board prohibited.
Electric oxygen concentrators (stationary or portable)  Use during the flight is not allowed. The battery power must be less than 100Wh.
Fuel cell powered electronic devices and their spare cartridges  


SMART BAGGAGES with lithium batteries included (baggage-bags-backpacks) Smart baggages with non-removable batteries must not be transported. Only baggages with removable lithium batteries may be carried. Lithium batteries should be removed and transported in passenger cabin.