International Flights (November)

Due to the constant updating of the entry restrictions imposed by each country, please remember to check here before travelling as well as with the corresponding Embassy or Consulate. We would like to remind you that having said documentation is of the essence to board our flights.

• All passengers must wear face masks at all times during the flight. 

Sworn Statement for Passengers Travelling to or from Argentina:

As provided for by Regulation 3025/2020 of the Argentine Migration Office, all passengers travelling to or from Argentina must comply with the following requisites, within 48 hours before the flight:

• Complete a sworn statement electronically

• At Check in, show the voucher received by email upon completion of the sworn statement.

Passengers traveling to Argentina

Only Argentine passengers, Argentine residents and/or tourists from neighboring countries, whether they be nationals or foreigners residing in such countries, may enter the country, provided that their destination is the Metropolitan Area of Buenos Aires.  

This last group (tourists) must:

· Complete the sworn statement within 48 hours before the flight and, at check-in, show the voucher received by email upon completion of the sworn statement, and

· Have a negative PCR test certificate obtained no more than SEVENTY-TWO (72) hours before the flight, and

· Have a health insurance plan covering hospitalization and isolation due to COVID-19 before the trip.



Departure date
Departure date