New 24/7 customer service channel for international flights passengers


March 11, 2020 – Aerolíneas Argentinas launched today a new customer service channel via WhatssApp to prioritize attention to passengers with international flight reservations.

Said service will only address issues raised by passengers with reservations to or from China, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Israel and the United States.

Passengers may contact +54 9 1149404798 and inform: the reservation code, the destination and the date of the flight, in order to speed up the attention and efficiently address each request.

The purpose of the initiative is to be able to give an immediate answer to the growing number of requests of changes in reservations due to the global health crisis.

Accordingly, the offices of Aerolíneas Argentinas placed abroad are tirelessly working to meet the demand of Argentine people who have to modify their reservations to return to the country.


Aerolíneas Argentinas aircraft have an air conditioning system with special high-efficiency particulate air filters (HEPA) which allow for the frequent renewal of the air in the cabin, and also capture particles of different sizes, including viruses, which provides for a cleaner space, reducing the likelihood of transmission of the virus to both our crew members and our passengers. Also, after each flight, the cleaning employees sanitize the aircraft with a wide-scope chemical product for aviation use.

Aerolíneas Argentinas is carrying out an active prevention campaign as regards the employees who, due to their jobs, are in contact with people from different places around the world and/or risk zones.

In addition to the hygiene recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), the company suggests their crew members to: air out closed spaces, avoid crowds and/or leaving the hotels where they are staying, keep their distance, and avoid greeting people with a kiss and/or handshake, among other recommendations.


In the same lines, crew members will go on distributing the sworn statements (pursuant to the protocol implemented by the Border Health Authorities) but, from now on, on-board staff will conduct the first screening based upon the information disclosed in the sworn statement, and, if appropriate, they will escalate the situation and alert the health authorities for further action to be taken.