In line with the Plan for the Gradual, Planned and Safe Reopening of Borders laid down by the Argentine Government, special flights operated to bring back home Argentine citizens who are stranded abroad are scheduled in accordance with the flow of people entering the country and to ensure compliance with health and preventive isolation measures.

These special flights are part of the “safe corridors” policy implemented by the Argentine Executive Branch, which provides for a maximum of 700 people re-entering the country by air on a daily basis. Additionally, it is worth mentioning that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship is the authority that defines the lists of passengers for these flights based on boarding priority.

Up to this moment we have operated a significant number of special flights from several international destinations, bringing back to the country thousands of Argentine passengers. Accordingly, we operated domestic flights to keep a minimum connectivity with those provinces that specifically require this.



With the purpose of bringing health materials and medical supplies to the country, Aerolíneas Argentinas has scheduled a series of cargo flights to Shanghai, China.

These flights are operated by Airbus A330-200 aircraft especially refurbished to transport cargo. Each flight lasts over 55 hours, with a refueling stop in Auckland, New Zealand, before arriving at the airport in Shanghai and in the inbound segment back to Buenos Aires.

The following chart shows the schedule of the third stage of flights to China:


Destination Flight Number Date Hour
PVG AR1074 1-Jun 23:00
3-Jun 23:00
PVG AR1078 5-Jun 23:00
PVG AR1080 7-Jun 23:00
9-Jun 23:00
PVG AR1084 11-Jun 23:00
13-Jun 23:00