Thanks to the cleaning procedures implemented and to the special air conditioner filters installed, our aircraft meet the highest care and prevention standards.


• Wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), the designated personnel perform cleaning and disinfection procedures before and after each flight.

• Special attention is paid to high-contact areas such as seats, armrests, tray-tables, seat belts and in-flight entertainment screens. Cleaning and disinfection are also intensified in lavatories, waste bins and doors.

• Headrest covers, safety cards and air-sickness bags are replaced after each flight.

The cleaning and disinfection products used are those recommended in the Guide to Hygiene and Sanitation in Aviation issued by the WHO. 



Aerolíneas Argentinas aircraft have an air-conditioning system with special high efficiency particulate air filters (HEPA). This system used in the aviation industry allows for the frequent renewal of the air in cabin and eliminates 99.9% of circulating bacteria and microbes, making the aircraft a safe place.


It is essential to reduce the number of items on board. That is why we will temporarily suspend our food and drink service, on-board magazines, blankets and pillows. 


• Because of aircraft ventilation systems, which ensures air purity and quality.

• Because of the seating layout, which acts as a barrier and prevents face-to-face contact.

• Because of the additional preventive measures adopted, such as the temperature checks performed before entering the airport.

• Because of the mandatory use of face masks by all passengers and personnel. 

• Because of the use of disinfection products recommended by the WHO.

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We continue working so that you may have a pleasant and safe travel experience. We want to take care of you and our staff by reinforcing our hygiene measures. We believe that the only way to do it right is if we all commit ourselves. We need your cooperation.