Aerolíneas Argentinas distinguished by travelers as the best airline in the region


April 9, 2019.- Once again, Aerolíneas Argentinas was distinguished in the “Traveler’s Choice Awards” awarded by the specialized website TripAdvisor, based on opinions and ratings of thousands of travelers. This year Aerolíneas Group won “Best Major Airline in Latin America”, a distinction for the greatest airlines of the region. This recognition is in addition to the three awards obtained last year in three categories: Best Airline in Latin America, Best Business Class in Latin America, and Best Economy Class in Latin America.

Today the President of Aerolíneas Group, Luis Malvido, received the Vicepresident of TripAdvisor, Jamie Counter, and Regional Director Ryan Cornelius, both of whom presented the award in an event that took place in the corporate offices of the company.

Upon accepting the award, Malvido said, “This prize is a distinction for the more than 12,000 collaborators that give their best every day to deliver a high quality and efficient service. Moreover, the fact that this award is based on our passengers’ opinions positions us at the level of the most important airlines.” “We are working towards a customer-focused company,” added the President of Aerolíneas.

Jamie Counter said, “We congratulate Aerolíneas Argentinas on behalf of TripAdvisor’s community. We encourage you to celebrate this award and to share it with all of your customers.”

This award was earned within the framework of the new Strategic Plan of the company for the next five years, which stresses the importance of a customer-focused approach for an improved overall experience. In the pursuit of that goal, we have celebrated many milestones, such as the flight punctuality rate that reached an average of 87% in 2018, representing an all-time record. Along the same lines, passenger satisfaction levels reached their all-time high in August 2018 at 47% (where 50% represents excellence).

Lastly, it is worth remembering that Aerolíneas Argentinas has also received the APEX recognition in 2018, another important prize based on users’ ratings. The company obtained 4 stars in the category “Global Airlines”, thus being among the 23 airlines that received this category out of the 500 companies that were analyzed.

Travelers´ Choice Awards from TripAdvisor —dating back to 2002— are renowned among the digital travel community with millions of travelers from all over the world. By an individual voting process, each user rates different aspects related to the travel experience: customer service, on-board service, the comfort of the fleet and in-flight entertainment, among other features.