Aerolineas Group achieved in August an Average punctuality record of 89% in its operations


These figures place it as the leading company in terms of punctuality in domestic flights and with very good indicators in regional and international flights. Specifically, on August 24 it achieved the record mark of 99% punctuality across its network.


Buenos Aires, September 8, 2016.- The Aerolíneas Group today released August figures relating to punctuality, with an average of 89% in its operations. Furthermore, punctuality figures achieved by Aerolineas Argentinas and Austral in its domestic, regional and international operations in the first eight months of the year also mark a significantly more positive result than that achieved in the same period in 2015: The 2015’s highest average mark (82% punctuality) is equivalent to the lowest mark this year so far.


These figures occurred within a context in which the company increased by 6% the number of flights compared to the previous year and carried 4% more passengers than in 2015 across its network.


Likewise, so far this year and up to August 2016, average punctuality rate was 85%, against 73% in 2015. Meanwhile, the punctuality record obtained on last August 24, of 99%, exceeds by two percentage points the maximum reached from 2010 to 2016, which was 97%.


With over 300 daily flights, Aerolineas Argentinas and Austral achieved other interesting figures such as the number of passengers that have departed on time in one day, using 15’ as a reference point (i.e., an on-time flight is considered as one that arrives or departs within 15 minutes of its scheduled time).