Nuestra Historia

The First Years

Aerolineas Argentinas is created as a State Company


December 7

By decree Nº 26.099 of the Executive Power, Aerolíneas Argentinas is created as a State Company



December 1

The interamerican Press Information Society declares Aerolineas Argentinas as the best air commercial company of the world, due to its efficient organization and the quality of its services



January 27

Regular services between Buenos Aires and Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia), with stop in Córdoba and Salta are inaugurated



October 15

DC-3 aircrafts initiate flights between Buenos Aires and Montevideo (Uruguay)



October 12

The second weekly frequency between Buenos Aires and New York (USA) is inaugurated



April 28

The purchase of six Comet IV aircraft, the first jet plane is authorized, driven by turbines instead of propellers, commonly know as jet propelled



March 2

The first Comet IV arrives in Argentina, initiating the jet era, a technological jump that, among other advantages, would reduce the duration of all the flights to a half


The Jet Era

An Aerolíneas Argentinas incorporates the first Comet IV


December, 1

The Comet IV starts flying to Bariloche



December, 26

An Aerolíneas Argentinas Comet IV completes the first round the World which is performed by a commercial aircraft, making an official trip of President Frondizi



January 25

The first AVRO HS 748 aircraft arrives to the country



July, 12

La Paz (Bolivia) is included in the interamerican routes



February 5

Aerolíneas Argentinas acquires four Boeing 707 aircrafts



November, 25

A Boeing 707 aircraft, the first flight without stops in history between Madrid and Buenos Aires, in 11 hours and 31 minutes, establishing a world record in speed



May 1

First flight in a Boeing 707 to Frankfurt (Germany)


August 21

Aerolíneas Argentinas acquires six twin-jet planes Boeing 737


From the Comet to the Jumbo

First flight of a Boeing 747


December, 1

The last Comet IV is withdrawn from the fleet, alter having joined 20.438 hours of flights



May, 6

First flight without stops to Miami (USA) in a Boeing 707



August, 1

First direct flight between Buenos Aires and Bogotá (Colombia), to go on to México and Los Angeles (USA)



April, 4

Flights to Caracas (Venezuela) are inaugurated



December, 31

The first of the Boeing 747 acquired by Aerolíneas Argentinas arrives to Ezeiza



January, 5

First flight of a Boeing 747 between Buenos Aires, Madrid, Rome and Frankfurt



March, 28

Services to Montreal (Canada) are inaugurated



April, 4

Regular services of cargo transportation, with two planes Boeing 707 start exclusively conditioned to that effect


April, 9

By decree N° 808 of the Executive Power, Aerolíneas Argentinas becomes a State Society


The First Transporlar Flight

The first transpolar flight of a commercial airline


June, 7

The first transpolar flight of a commercial airline. It is accomplished by an Aerolíneas Argentinas Jumbo 747. Departs from Buenos Aires, makes a stop in Río Gallegos, goes through the South Pole and reaches to Auckland (New Zealand). The trips culminate in Hong Kong (China)


December, 2

First non-stop flight between Melbourne (Australia) and Ezeiza. It is accomplished by a Jumbo 747, inaugurating the route


December, 13

The first Boeing 747-SP is incorporated to the fleet, purchased to the north American company Braniff



September, 5

The regular service to Auckland (New Zealand) by the transpolar flight



June, 12

Pope Juan Pablo II returns from Buenos Aires to Rome in Aerolíneas Argentinas Boeing 747, especially conditioned the the Supreme Pontiff



April, 12

Second papal flight in Aerolíneas Argentinas. The Pope returns from Buenos Aires to Rome in a Boeing 747


Years of Change

The first Airbus 310 aircraft arrives from Toulouse, France


November, 21st

A consortium headed by Iberia starts being in charge of the company, which changes its firm name and is named Aerolíneas Argentinas S.A.



April, 29th

The first plane MD-83 aircraft to be included in the fleet



August, 10th

The first Airbus 310 aircraft is transferred from Toulouse, France



23 de agosto

The Aerolíneas Argentinas Official Website in Internet is launched, with the address



May, 1st

Aerohandling, a ramp service that is Aerolíneas Argentinas property, starts operating an important annual saving



July, 1st

The city of Córdoba becomes in the second 'Hub' of Argentina



June, 1st

The first of four Airbus 340 aircrafts coming from Paris (France), lands in Buenos Aires acquired by our company



Aerolineas Argentinas add Airbus A340-300 to the fleet


December, 7th

It is the 50° Aerolíneas Argentinas anniversary



October, 17th

Marsans Groups makes themselves responsible for the company. Mr. Antonio Mata is named President of the Executive Committee



June, 25th

Foundation Launches Aerolineas Argentinas, an entity with social and cultural purposes



March, 11th

It makes opening a flight route between Buenos Aires and Beijing (China), through a 'Hub' in Madrid (Spain)


August, 11th

Presentation of the plane of the Executive Jet line, which starts operating immediately



March, 11th

Aerolíneas Argentinas adds to its fleet a new Boeing 747-400, the biggest plane of passengers of the world nowadays still in service. The Company is the only in South America which has this type of aircraft


June, 29th

The Maintenance Technical Center in the facilities of the air-sea arsenal 'Commandant Espora' in the city of Bahía Blanca, in the frame of the subscribed contract between to and the Argentine navy. This Center permits to provide services of maintenance to the commercial and military aviation, creating working sources of high qualification



February, 5th

Aerolíneas Argentinas retakes the route to Mexico, with a frequency of five weekly flights, with Airbus 310 aircrafts, with a capacity of 175 passengers in Tourist Class and 17 in Club Cóndor Class



February, 2nd

Aerolíneas Argentinas starts flying with non stop flights to Caracas and Bogotá



August, 9th

Aerolíneas Argentinas acquires an Airbus A340-300, being it the first model of this type that is incorporated to the large scope fleet


October, 22nd

Aerolíneas Argentinas retakes its flights to Asunción with 14 weekly frequencies, departing both from Aeroparque and from Ezeiza



December, 12th

Aerolineas Argentinas I inaugurated its new branch office in the city of Asunción in the offices located in the PS LINE Building, on España Avenue of the Paraguayan capital. The act counted on the participation of the Argentine Ambassador, Aerolineas Argentinas staff and special guests



February, 5th

The rescue of the Aerolíneas Argentinas stock portfolio to the National State has been established in the framework of the Law No. 26.466. Thus, Aerolineas Argentinas and Austral appointed their new executives


May, 22nd

A contract is signed with the Brazilian State Embraer Company for the purchase of 20 airplanes for Aerolíneas Argentinas-Austral, which is kept within the bounds of the recapitalization plan of our companies


June, 8th

Aerolíneas Argentinas takes up again the purchase of new airplanes after seventeen years and presents the first b-737/700 version 2009 purchased to Boeing. The purchase is for two airplanes B737/700 NG (Next Generation)


July, 16th

Dr. Mariano recalde became president of Aerolineas Argentinas y Austral


The Big Change

Aerolineas Argentinas join SkyTeam Alliance


August, 18

Aerolíneas Argentinas Federal Network inaugurated. Aerolíneas Argentinas inaugurates the new route named \'Corredor Federal\'that links Aeroparque Jorge Newbery airport with the Iguazu-Salta- Mendoza and Bariloche airports, with four weekly services and in a second phase the adding the airport of Cordoba during the first quarter of 2011


June, 9

Aerolíneas Argentinas changes its corporate image. A change that is respectful to our past and our career. A change resulting from the path we have walked together


November, 30

Aerolíneas Argentinas joins Sky Team. Aerolíneas Argentinas signed an agreement to join Sky Team in 2012, being the first member of Sky Team in South America, adding 38 new destinations to the network of Sky Team. The signatory ceremony took place in Buenos Aires, under the sponsorship of the President of the Argenitine Republic, Mrs. Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner


December, 23

Aerolíneas Argentinas fulfilled its promise with the first stage of incorporating new aircraft Embraer 190 to Austral's fleet. Adding nine of the units acquired since the 20th of September 2010, complying with the Renewal Plan announced by the Company. These nine aircraft E-190 are the first group of a total of 20 that will be completed in the first semester of 2011 when the remaining 11 will be incorporated



March, 3

Aerolíneas Argentinas resumes flights to Mexico DF. Flying non stop from Buenos Aires to Mexico DF four times a week


March, 11

Aerolíneas Argentinas rejoined Internation Air Transpor Association(IATA) Clearing House. Aerolíneas Argentinas fully returned to IATA, after ten years of suspension, resumes operations with the Clearing House of the International Association that unites all major airline of the world


March, 28

The twentieth Embraer arrived in the Country to add to Austral's fleet. On Monday 28th of March of 2011 the twentieth Embraer arrived in the Country to be part of and increase the fleet of Austral Airlines. It is important to remember the the agreement between Aerolineas Argentinas and the Brazilian Airline Company S.A. (Embraer) foresees the addition of twenty aircraft to be completed in 2011


April, 18

Aerolìneas Argentinas and Austral sign an agreement with PAMI Aerolíneas Argentinas and Austral and the National institute of Social Services for Retired and Pensioners (PAMI) have signed an agreement in order to act jointly in activities related to culture, entertainment, health prevention and promotion for elderly people, especially in those members of said Institute. Thus, Aerolíneas Argentinas and Austral will make PAMI members the access to different points of the country easier, using the flag airline which is the only one that guarantees the air commercial activity within all the national territory


April, 26

Aerolíneas Argentinas presented its new class of service “Club Economy” ' Aerolíneas Argentinas launched to the market the new class of service 'Club Economy' which offers more flexibility of fares as well as faster attention on land for those passengers of the business segmentation. The “Club Economy” class will replace to the “Club Condor” class in domestic and regional flights with a product, among other advantages, that offers access to a check-in, boarding and priority as regards collection of baggage, higher hand baggage allowance and in the changes and refunds without habitual penalties for air tickets


April, 26

Aerolíneas Argentinas presented its new class of service “Club Economy” ' Aerolíneas Argentinas launched to the market the new class of service 'Club Economy' which offers more flexibility of fares as well as faster attention on land for those passengers of the business segmentation. The “Club Economy” class will replace to the “Club Condor” class in domestic and regional flights with a product, among other advantages, that offers access to a check-in, boarding and priority as regards collection of baggage, higher hand baggage allowance and in the changes and refunds without habitual penalties for air tickets


July, 4

Aerolíneas Argentinas joins Iguazú with Rio de Janeiro Aerolíneas Argentinas inaugurated the route Iguazú-Río de Janeiro-Iguazú which will be operated with three weekly frequencies, opening thus a new connection with the “Corredor Federal” which currently joins Bariloche, Mendoza, Salta, Iguazú and vice versa. This route shall be operated with a Boeing 737-500


August, 18

Presentation of a flight simulator for pilots of the Embraer Airline of Austral Aerolíneas Argentinas realizó el acto of acceptation of the “Simulador Gráfico de Cabina de Vuelo” (Graphic Simulator for Flight Cabins), a flight device for the aircraft pilots training for the Embraer-ER 190 fleet, destined to Austral Líneas Aéreas. It is about screens that copy the flights boards and controls, which permits pilots to carry out flight operations as training. The launch of the GFS starting is framed within the pilots training plan in our country, being the first in the Austral S.A. company history


December, 15

Aerolìneas Argentinas managed to beat its own record of flown hours during a year The number of flown hours in the month of December have been the most important registry of the national airline in all its history surpassing with 15.997,03 hours block flown, a record which has been kept from June, 2000 with 15.645 flight hours.Besides, during the whole year 2011, Aerolíneas Argentinas flew a total of 167.383,69 block hours, while the best previous record is dated on 2005 with 165.869 hours. This increase has been produced jointly with a substantial improvement in the operation of the Company registering on December, 2011 a compliance of the chronogram of departure of flights higher than the 99 per cent of the total of the operated frequencies



February, 1

Aerolíneas Argentinas says good by to the Jumbo At 04:55 AM today the last flight operated by a Boeing 747 landed at Ezeiza International Airport. With the arrival of the flight number 1133, coming from Madrid, Aerolíneas Argentinas deprogrammed commercially the Boeing 747 (Jumbo aircrafts) that have operated during thirty-three years in the international routes of the Company. The deprogramming of these aircrafts is part of the renewal and widening of fleet, in the search of a major operating output. The B-747/400 equipments have been replaced by Airbus A-340 aircrafts. Aerolíneas Argentinas was the first and unique company that incorporated this type of aircrafts in all Latin América. Aerolíneas Argentinas fue la primera y única empresa que incorporó este tipo de aeronave en toda Latinoamérica


February, 24

Aerolíneas Argentinas unified its long-range fleet. Just as it was foreseen in the “2010/2014 Business Plan” Aerolíneas Argentinas homogenization their long-range fleet with Airbus A-340 aircrafts, being the 200 and 300 models those that from here onwards would cover all the international destinies of the Company


March, 1

Aerolíneas Argentinas renewed its Aerolíneas Plus Program. Aerolíneas Argentinas renewed its Aerolíneas Plus Program. From the month of March points became miles. Our Aerolíneas Plus Members will be able to use miles for flights with other air companies pertaining to the Skyteam Alliance


April, 10

Aerolíneas Argentinas and Austral separated from its fleet the MD80 y B737-500 aircrafts. With the AU 2883 flight coming from Río Gallegos that landed today at 06.30 Am, the last Austral MD-80 aircraft left the active service in the fleet and it also complied with its last performance in Aerolíneas Argentinas the B-737/500 aircraft operating the flight AR 1867 between Trelew and Buenos Aires. The deprogramming of this type of aircrafts is part of the renewal, widening and homogenising of fleet, in the search of major output and operative lower costs, making the operation efficient


August, 29

Aerolineas Argentinas joins the SkyTeam alliance As of this date Aerolineas Argentinas joins one of the most prestigious global airlines alliances. SkyTeam is made up of 18 airlines: Aeroflot, Aerolineas Argentinas, Aeromexico, Air Europa, Air France, Alitalia, China Airlines, China Eastern, China Southern, Czech Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Kenya Airways, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Korean Air, Middle East Airlines, Saudia, TAROM and Vietnam Airlines. Together these airlines serve 537 million passengers each year, 933 destinations in 186 countries, offer approximately 15,000 daily flights and have more than 520 VIP airport lounges around the world


October, 13

Commencement of the process of SAP implementation SAP is a computing tool that will permit to improve the management and administration procedures helping to get the accounting practices better


November, 27

AEROLINEAS PLUS RELAUNCH As of today, the frequent flyer program will allow you to add miles with following selected credit cards: American Express, Credicoop Bank, Galicia Bank, Hipotecario Bank, Macro Group, Banco de la Nacion Argentina and Banco de la Provincia de Buenos Aires; thus making it the first Latinamerican program to offer its members the posibility to choose between more than one financial institue that isses cards


December, 10

Presentation of the Fleet In 2012 Aerolíneas complied with the strategic plan of incorporating aircrafts, achieving the goal of having a modern and homogeneous fleet of 57 operating planes. Having fulfilled this objective, it represents an important step to optimize the operations, both in the consumption of fuel and in the comfort for the passengers and the smallest environmental pollution


December, 28

Aerolíneas received its passenger number 7 million The passenger arrived to Aeroparque from her Province of Formosa where she was born, to which only Aerolíneas Argentinas flies; she was received by the President of the Company, Dr. Mariano Recalde. In 2012 the Argentine flag airline transported one million of passengers more than in 2011



March, 26

Official Inauguration of the Training Center for Pilots of the Argentine Republic. At the moment of building the new flight simulators, Aerolíneas achieved the symbolic and strategic recovery. The simulators which has been dismantled during the private management, have been recovered by through the public management not only to form again argentine pilots in our country but also that other air companies have already rented their first hours of instruction for their pilots, returning to the center in a business unit


April, 15

Sky Priority launching As a member of the international Sky Team Alliance, Aerolíneas Argentinas presented the inauguration of the Sky Priority Program, oriented to benefit the high value passengers, offering them recognition, priority and speediness at the check-in counters, luggage dispatch, migration procedures and boarding procedures. Dr. Recalde, who has been present in the inauguration, explained that the Sky Priority implementation is part of the adaptations that Aerolíneas is making from a long time to locate it in the principal airline standards of the world


April, 15

Sky Priority launching As a member of the international Sky Team Alliance, Aerolíneas Argentinas presented the inauguration of the Sky Priority Program, oriented to benefit the high value passengers, offering them recognition, priority and speediness at the check-in counters, luggage dispatch, migration procedures and boarding procedures. Dr. Recalde, who has been present in the inauguration, explained that the Sky Priority implementation is part of the adaptations that Aerolíneas is making from a long time to locate it in the principal airline standards of the world


May, 12

Launching of the Blackberry application available for all Aerolíneas Argentinas passengers. The closeness with the passengers is a fundamental value for the Company. In tune with the increasing use of technology and with the purpose of providing a better service, Aerolíneas Argentinas offers a mobile application that allows to have access to know: the status of the flights, promotional fares, the Aerolíneas Argentinas Program of frequent flyers and diverse general information



January, 15

Responding to the needs of its passengers, Aerolíneas Argentinas allows traveling with pets in the cabin. It applies exclusively to domestic segments, to dogs and cats only


February, 5

After 25 years, Aerolineas Argentinas flies again to all provinces. This historic event will take place on March 5 when Aerolineas Argentinas resume the Buenos Aires-Parana route on a daily basis, thus covering all Argentine provinces with regular flights


February, 12

Aerolineas Argentinas acquired four new Airbus A330-200 aircraft. The signing ceremony took place at the San Martin Palace, headquarters of the Foreign Ministry in a meeting, which was attended by the Vice President of Airbus for Latin America and the Caribbean, Rafael Alonso, and the ambassadors of the Federal Republic of Germany, France and the UK


May, 13

After 65 years, Aerolineas Argentinas will build a new hangar and aircraft maintenance and repair shops in Ezeiza. The hangar called “Hangar 5” will be the first, for its size, made at the Ministro Pistarini International Airport since it was opened in April 1949, and will be designed just like hangars 3 and 4 (declared National Historic Landmarks) to house the world's largest commercial aircraft, today the Airbus A-380


October, 9

Aerolineas Argentinas has expanded its codeshare flights agreement with Gol. The flag carrier added codeshare flights between Buenos Aires and the cities of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, besides offering new destinations to its passengers, such as Salvador, Natal, Goiania, Maceio, Belem, Recife and Porto Seguro


December, 10

Aerolineas Argentinas carried 9 million passengers and the number is growing. The president of Aerolineas Argentinas, Mariano Recalde, received at the metropolitan Airport Jorge Newbery (Aeroparque) the passenger number nine million, who arrived on a flight from Salta city



January, 4

Ms. Isela Costantini becomes President of Aerolineas Argentinas and Austral


January, 22

Aerolineas Argentinas received at the Jorge Newbery airport of the city of Buenos Aires a new Boeing 737-800 for its domestic and regional fleet


January, 25

A new B737-800NG joins the Aerolineas Argentinas fleet. It is a brand new aircraft, registration LV-GFQ, arrived directly from the Boeing Field in Seattle, USA. Capacity: 170 seats with 162 seats in economy class and 8 in business class. The incorporation of this aircraft is part of the program of modernization and extension of the Aerolineas Argentinas fleet


January, 28

Aerolineas Argentinas ranks twenty-fifth among the hundred best commercial air companies in the world according to a survey conducted by eDreams, one of the most important on-line travel companies worldwide


March, 12

The president of Aerolineas Argentinas, Mariano Recalde, presented the ”Aerolíneas Foundation” through which the Company will carry out corporate social responsibility activities with other non-governmental organizations


March, 18

Aerolíneas Argentinas and Korean Air, the flag carrier of South Korea, announced a new codeshare agreement on routes Seoul - New York - Buenos Aires and Seoul - Sao Paulo - Buenos Aires. The new agreement will start on March 25, 2015, offering its passengers very convenient options when planning their international trips


March, 20

Aerolineas Argentinas and Aeroflot Russian Airlines, both members of the SkyTeam alliance, signed an agreement in Moscow, in an event that took place at the 22nd Moscow International Exhibition of Travel and Tourism to strengthen cooperation in their respective markets


April, 15

Aerolineas Argentinas and the Chilean Sky Airline announced the signature and implementation of a new codeshare agreement in the Southern Cone. The agreement will be effective for sales as of May 1, 2015


May, 12

Aerolineas Argentinas has marked a new milestone in its history by flying to Madrid with a modern, safe and efficient 2-engine plane. The A-330 are the aircrafts recently incorporated into the flag carrier’s fleet, which will start their regular flights to the Spanish capital from next July 1


June, 29

Dr. Mariano Recalde, along with other representatives of Aerolíneas and the European manufacturer Airbus, met this afternoon at the offices of the flag carrier and signed an agreement by which the creation of the unique maintenance training center for Airbus fleet in Latin America is formalized


September, 7

Aerolíneas Argentinas and Sol Líneas Aéreas agreed to implement codeshare flights with the objective of expanding air connectivity in the country


September, 17

The president of Aerolineas Argentinas, Mariano Recalde, attended the launching ceremony of the Center for Education and Training of Pilots of the Argentine Republic (CEFEPRA) expansion project.The work foresees the installation of a new mock-up aimed at safety training and improving the travel experience for the passengers


October, 1

Austral’s Workshops receive official certification from Embraer The President of Aerolineas Argentinas, Dr. Mariano Recalde and the Vice President of Services and Support of Embraer, Johann Bordais took part in the ceremony of certification by which the Maintenance Service of Austral Líneas Aéreas joined the Embraer Authorized Service Centers


October, 8

Aerolineas Argentinas and Delta Air Lines signed an agreement to operate code share flights which will allow them to expand their route network between the United States and South America


October, 15

Aerolineas Argentinas relaunched its "Aerolíneas Plus" program and its campaign called "That is a Plus."


November, 6

Aerolineas Argentinas today reached 9 million passengers. The passenger departed from Buenos Aires to Tucuman


September, 11

Aerolíneas Argentinas celebrated the third anniversary as member of the SkyTeam alliance and, at the same time, 15 years since the creation of the group composed of twenty international commercial aviation companies


December, 5

Aerolineas Argentinas presented today in Ezeiza one of the most important works in its history. The "Hangar 5" is the largest in the region. It is a strategic investment for the future of our flag carrier


December, 8

Aerolineas Argentinas today reached 10 million passengers carried so far this year



October, 1

Aerolíneas Argentinas announces the flight network for the summer season. In total, the company adds 52 additional frequencies, focusing on summer holiday cities and enhancing connectivity with Rosario, Cordoba and Mendoza. In addition, the company increases its operation to Brazil by 22% and goes up from 7 frequencies to Punta del Este to 17 weekly


October, 1

Aerolíneas Argentinas announces the flight network for the summer season. In total, the company adds 52 additional frequencies, focusing on summer holiday cities and enhancing connectivity with Rosario, Cordoba and Mendoza. In addition, the company increases its operation to Brazil by 22% and goes up from 7 frequencies to Punta del Este to 17 weekly


March, 4

CeFePra (Center for Education and Training for Pilots of the Argentine Republic) receives the RAAC 142 certificatio. This certification enables Aerolineas Argentinas to offer its training center to other airlines and third parties


May, 5

Aerolineas Argentinas puts into operation its satellite-based approach (own development) for the San Martin de los Andes airport. This implementation, without precedent in the country, allows landings in near-zero visibility, reducing cancellations from 25% to 3% and reducing carbon dioxide emissions


May, 19

The LV-GGQ arrives from the Boeing factory, a new B737-800NG that joins the Aerolíneas Group fleet. In line with the company’s growth plan, the new aircraft will cover domestic/regional routes, enhancing connectivity within the country and region


June, 3

In early April, the Aerolineas Group announced an 18% growth in its domestic flight offering, with new connections and routes such as Aeroparque - Rio Cuarto - Córdoba - Río Cuarto - Aeroparque and Resistencia - Córdoba


June, 16

Aerolineas Argentinas and GOL Linhas Aéreas announced new codeshare agreements adding all trunk routes operated by both companies between Argentina and Brazil. In total, 45 destinations connected through 160 weekly flights are added


June, 23

Aerolineas Argentinas inaugurates a new (mock up) training center of more than 1000 square meters, in which crew members, captains and ground employees related to the travel experience will be trained. Within a year, more than 5000 employees of the company will be trained in the field of aviation safety and on board service in these new facilities


July, 7

Aerolineas Argentinas announces its new route to Porto Seguro, which will have two weekly frequencies


August, 10

A new aircraft, brand new A330-200 joins the company's long-haul fleet. In this framework, the Aerolineas Group announced refinancing at much more convenient rates for the next incorporations of aircraft for the company for a total of 280 million dollars


September, 14

The Aerolíneas Group announces the new network of flights and internal flight legs. The changes announced include the interconnection Catamarca - La Rioja, Calafate - Bariloche or the increase of frequencies to destinations such as Parana, Santa Rosa, Viedma and Santa Fe, among others


November, 30

A new Boeing 737-800 aircraft direct from the factory enters the company, to serve domestic and regional routes


December, 19

Aerolineas Argentinas signs an agreement with the manufacturer Boeing for the incorporation of B737 MAX aircraft, one of the most modern and efficient aircraft in the market. They will begin to join the Aerolíneas Group fleet towards the end of 2017. The Group managed to refinance its agreement with the manufacturer under much more convenient conditions, which allows the Group to continue advancing in its fleet renewal process



January 15

Aerolineas Argentinas is recognized as one of the twenty most punctual airlines in the world, according to OAG, the air travel intelligence company.


January, 21

Aerolíneas Argentinas and Air Europa expand their codeshare agreement. In this way, Aerolíneas Argentinas passengers can fly to destinations such as Lisbon, London, Bilbao, Vigo and La Coruña via Madrid, and to Palma de Mallorca via Barcelona, as well as earning miles with Aerolíneas Plus, among other benefits


January, 31

Aerolíneas Argentinas beats its record of passengers carried in a single month. During January 2017, the company carried 1,150,000 passengers, which meant an increase of 7.1% over the same period last year


February 07

A new code share agreement with Aeroméxico is signed.


February, 15

Announcement of a new codeshare agreement with Aeromexico. Aerolíneas Argentinas passengers can fly daily between Buenos Aires and Mexico City on flights operated by Aeroméxico and marketed by Aerolíneas. Likewise, Aeroméxico markets the flights between Buenos Aires and Cancun, operated by our company. On all flights of both airlines, passengers can earn and redeem miles or points in their Aerolíneas Plus or Aeromexico Club Premier accounts


February, 17

A new Airbus 330-200 joins the company's fleet. It is the LV-GKP, a new aircraft for the long-haul fleet that will allow to continue with the fleet modernization and continuous improvement plan that the company carries forward


March 31

The well-known website from the USA, Flighstats, names Aerolines Argentinas as the company in Latin America with the best on-time performance.


April 03

The “Corridor Altántico” that connects Mar del Plata, Bahia Blanca, Trelew, Comodoro Rivadavia and Ushuaia is inaugurated.


April, 3

The new Atlantic Corridor, which links the cities of Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata, Bahía Blanca, Trelew, Comodoro Rivadavia and Ushuaia, is officially inaugurated. It is the company’s fourth air corridor that links the most important cities of the Argentine coast without passing through Buenos Aires


April, 3

Launching of Córdoba Hub, a flight distribution center located in the heart of the country that allows to connect quickly and efficiently from or to Jujuy, Salta, Tucumán, Resistencia, Iguazú, Bariloche, Comodoro Rivadavia, Ushuaia , Neuquén, El Calafate and Trelew, thus linking the north of the country with the south, without passing through Buenos Aires


April 06

HUB Cordoba opens, a flight distribution center that connects the North and the South, without having to connect in Buenos Aires.


April 14

The number of passengers during Holy Week (Semana Santa) increased by more than 17% when compared to the same period the previous year.


April, 20

Direct from Boeing Field in Seattle, a Boeing 737-800 registered LV-GUC arrives, with a seating configuration of 170 seats -8 in Club Economy and 162 in Economy Class- that will meet the increasing offer of services resulting from the increase in flight frequencies and the sum of new destinations, such as the federal corridors and the Córdoba Hub


April 24

A new code share agreement with Alitalia is signed.


May 02

A brand new Boeing 737-800 arrives directly from the Boeing Field in Seattle. This is plane’s registration code is LV-GUC and the inaugural flight is to San Carlos de Bariloche.


June 08

Aerolineas Argentinas and “el Institito de Previsión Social de la Provincia de Buenos Aires” sign an agreement that grants discounts and other benefits to retired people that reside in this province.


July 03

Aerolineas Argentinas operates its first night flight to San Martin de Los Andes, doubling the number of flights to this city.


July 24

Aerolineas Argentinas announces a historic record number of passengers transported in a single day: 41,417.


July 26

Aerolineas Argentinas receives a new Boeing 737-800 with registration code LV-GVA. Its inaugural flight was from Buenos Aires to Comodoro Rivadavia.


August 07

Code share agreements with Etihad and El-AL are signed.


August 18

Aerolineas Argentinas breaks another record, transporting a historic number of passengers, surpassing the previous record. 43,079 passengers traveled this day.


September 10

The new Cordoba – Santiago route starts with three weekly flights.


September 18

Aerolineas Argentinas receives a new Boeing B737-800, with registration code LV-GVC. The first flight is to San Salvador de Jujuy.


September 22

Aerolineas Argentinas inaugurates a new route, Trelew – El Calafate, with three weekly flights.


October 02

Aerolineas Argentinas adds a fifth weekly flight between Buenos Aires and Bogota


December 04

Aerolineas Argentinas presents its new Boeing 737 – MAX 8 plane and becomes the first airline in the region utilize this type of aircraft.


December 26

26 Aerolineas Argentinas starts a new “Ruta Federal” Cordoda – Posadas with three weekly flights.



January 10

We presented our second Boeing 737-MAX in the cities of Mar del Plata and Rosario.


January 31

January 2018 became the best first month of the year in all the history of Aerolíneas, having carried 1,241,766 passengers.


January 31

Flighstats, the prestigious website of aviation statistics, placed us as one of the leading companies of the region in terms of punctuality, with an 85.5% of on-time flights.


February 5

The third Boeing 737-MAX was incorporated to our fleet. Its inaugural flight covered the route Buenos Aires-Neuquén.


February 8

We announced 3 new frequencies to Madrid as from June.


February 28

We resumed operations between Bahía Blanca and Neuquén, with 4 weekly flights.


March 1

As a result of our operations in February, we reached a 90% of punctuality on the 9428 segments flown. At the same time, our performance factor hit 99.7%.


March 6

With an inaugural flight from Buenos Aires to the city of Mendoza, we presented our fourth Boeing 737-MAX.