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Are you traveling with a wheelchair or mobility aid?

  • General Information

    The Wheelchair Assistance Service is available for you, which is provided by outsourced personnel to make your airport experience easier. In case you need it, contact us at our WhatsApp number +54 11 4940-4798 at least 48 (forty-eight) business hours before your flight and let us know exactly how we may help you:

    A) Do you need to travel long distances within the airport, but you can go up and downstairs?
    B) Do you need the wheelchair to go up and down ramps and/or stairs?
    C) Do you need the wheelchair to get to your seat in the plane? Bear in mind that you must be able to move from the wheelchair to your seat.
    In flights to/from the United States, Europe, and Cancun, we have wheelchairs on board to make it easier for you to go to the toilette. However, our crew may not assist you in the toilette area.


    Within Argentina, the Aeroparque, Ezeiza, Córdoba and Mar del Plata airports have mechanical elevation systems for the wheelchair. In these cases, you will board before the rest of the passengers and disembark last. 

    Useful information for flights with your own wheelchair and/or mobility aid 
    You may transport your wheelchair (whether manual or electric), crutches, walkers, prosthesis and other mobility aid in the hold without an additional charge. Onboard your will move around the aircraft aisles in a customized small wheelchair. 
    If you travel with prosthesis, prosthesis must be dispatched in a container/suitcase with the corresponding adjustment tools. An ID will be placed on it so that, if possible, said container/suitcase is disembarked with priority. 

    Wheelchairs with Spillable Batteries will be dispatched in the hold without their batteries, which must be dispatched as cargo.

    How may I identify the kind of battery?

    NON SPILLABLE BATTERIES are identified with one of the following expressions or acronyms:


    Gel Cell

    Absorbed Glass Mat


    Non Spillable Sealed

    Lead Acid

    Dry Non


    Dry Cell


    Valve Regulated lead acid



    SPILLABLE OR WET BATTERIES are all those that do not have the expression “NON-SPILLABLE” (or a similar expression). 
    They may only be transported as CARGO. For such ends, you must contact or to our Whatsapp number +54 11 4940-4798



    The battery will not exceed 300Wh. In case two (2) batteries are needed to operate the wheelchair, each battery will not exceed 160Wh.



    Useful tips:

    ·      Be at the airport with enough time:
    For National flights: 3 (three) hours before the departure of the flight.
    For Regional/International flights: 5 (five) hours before the departure of the flight.

    ·      Submit 3 (three) copies of the Wheelchair Transport Sworn Statement. Download the Wheelchair Transport Sworn Statement

    ·      The battery/ies must be tied to the wheelchair, with their electric circuit inhibited (e.g.: turn off the joystick, remove the “on” key, turn off the “on” button, disconnect the electric power supply plug, etc.) and/or its terminals disconnected, and insulated, so as to prevent short circuits, or any accidental activation of the wheelchair. 
    If the wheelchair powered by a lithium battery is designed in such a way that the battery can be removed, the check-in personnel will ask you to remove it and it will be transported in the cabin.

    ·      Remember to check the weight and size of the hand-on baggage allowed according to your fare. It is important that you can carry it on your lap so that the assistance staff may provide you a dedicated and personalized service. We recommend including therein all removable items that can get lost: pillows, footrests, anti-bedsores, etc.

    ·      If you have connecting flights, do not forget to check with the airline which conditions are necessary to transport your wheelchair. Besides, it is important that you request the assistance service according to your needs.


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People with Disabilities

  • More Information

    We would like to be prepared to welcome you: So, it is important that you tell us, at least 48 hours before your flight, if you need any kind of assistance and/or if you have any kind of related disability. Write to us at our WhatsApp number +54 11 4940-4798 and let us know how we may help you.   

    You may travel WITHOUT companions, WITHOUT the need for the company’s Medical Department to take part and WITHOUT completing the MEDIF form, as long as you can: 

    ·       Fasten and unfasten your seatbelt.

    ·       Self-place your oxygen mask and understand the crew’s safety instructions.

    ·       Evacuate the aircraft by your own means in case of emergency.

    If you do not meet any of these requirements, you must travel with a capable person, of at least 18 (eighteen). Your companion must be able to communicate with the crew, be in such a physical and psychological condition as to be able to assist you during the flight, and help you evacuate in case of emergency.
    The Dog Service is considered a capable companion in the case of people with visual, hearing or mobility disabilities, and people with autistic spectrum disorders. It must have the harness, and its updated sanitary documentation will be required. It is important that you have consulted the destination country’s migratory requirements in advance since said requirements will be checked at the airport during check-in.

    We have priority service counters and an assistance service at the airport to make your airport experience easier. If you are traveling alone, the assistance service involves:

    ·      Helping you with the check-in.

    ·      Helping you during boarding and disembarking.

    ·      Helping you identify and pick up your baggage.

    ·      Making transfer easier in connecting flights.


    Our crew will follow-up on your needs and will give you safety information on a personal basis. Besides, you may request the Braille Safety Data Sheet in all our flights.

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Medical certificate

  • More Information

    Call our Contact Center (0810.222.86527) at least 10 (ten) business days and up to 72 (seventy-two) business hours before the departure of your flight in the case of:

    - Acute illnesses.

    - Recent hospitalizations and/or surgeries (less than 30 days).

    - Transplantation

    - Ongoing oncological treatment

    - Decompensations or flare-ups of chronic conditions.

    - Use of Portable Oxygen Concentrators.

    - Immobilization.

    - High-risk pregnancies.

    You will have to submit the MEDIF FORM, completed by your doctor in a neat and legible handwriting, at least 20 (twenty) business days and up to 72 (seventy-two) business hours before the departure of your flight, via email to This document is subject to review by the Medical Department of the Aerolíneas Argentinas group and we might request additional information, if necessary. The MEDIF FORM may only be submitted in Spanish or in English.



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Pregnant Women

  • More Information

    You may travel with no restrictions until you are 34 (thirty-four) weeks pregnant.

    From 34 (thirty-four) up to (and including) 37 (thirty-seven) weeks of pregnancy, you will only need to submit a Medical Certificate from your obstetrician.

    Multiple pregnancy:

    From 28 (twenty-eight) up to (and including) 37 (thirty-seven) weeks of pregnancy, you will have to submit a medical certificate from your obstetrician.

    The Medical Certificate must be issued no more than 7 (seven) days before the departure of your flight and must include the following information:

    • Origin and destination of your trip.

    • Date of departure and arrival of your flights.

    • Weeks of pregnancy.

    • Express authorization to travel by plane.

    High-risk pregnancy:

    You will have to submit the medical form (MEDIF Attachment A and B) at least 10 (ten) business days and up to 72 (seventy-two) business hours before the departure of your flight.
    Pregnant women are not allowed to fly as from week 38 (thirty-eiight) of pregnancy in flights operated by Aerolíneas Argentinas.
    We do not recommend traveling with babies less than 7 (seven) days old.


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Are you traveling with your portable oxygen concentrator - POC?

  • More Information

    In Aerolíneas Argentinas, we accept the use of portable oxygen concentrators on board, which must be RTCA/DO-1600 21 category M Compliant to show that they have been modified to be used during the flight. If you do not have this certification, you will not be allowed to use it. Concentrators appearing in the FAA list are compliant with said certification. Please check the list at:

    • AirSep FreeStyle
    • AirSep LifeStyle
    • AirSep Focus
    • AirSep Freestyle 5
    • (Caire) SeQual eQuinox / Oxywell (model 4000)
    • Delphi RS-00400 / Oxus RS-00400
    • DeVilbiss Healthcare iGo
    • Inogen One
    • Inogen One G2
    • Inogen One G3
    • Inova Labs LifeChoice Activox
    • International Biophysics LifeChoice / Inova Labs LifeChoice
    • Invacare XPO2 / XPO100
    • Invacare Solo 2
    • Oxylife Independence Oxygen Concentrator
    • Precision Medical EasyPulse
    • Respironics EverGo
    • Respironics SimplyGo
    • Sequal Eclipse
    • SeQual SAROS
    • VBox Trooper

    The largest size allowed is 50 cm long, 30 cm wide and 17 cm tall.

    If its size exceeds the permitted measurements, you will have to travel in Business or Premium Economy.

    Positive Airway Pressure Devices (CPAP/BPAP) and nebulizers:

    They may be used onboard provided that they use non-spillable lithium or lithium-ion batteries of 12V or less and of 100 Wh or less, without the need of any special check.

    Battery autonomy for the use of POC/CPAP/BPAP:

    You will have to bring the equipment with its batteries fully charged because you will not be able to plug it into the electrical system of the plane.

    For flights under 6 (six) hours: You must have enough battery to cover 3 (three) additional hours of the duration of the itinerary, including stop-overs and connections. For example, if your flight lasts 5 (five) hours, you must have enough battery to power it for 3 (three) extra hours, i.e. you will need enough battery to cover 8 (eight) hours at the time of boarding.

    For flights over 6 (six) hours: The autonomy must be enough to power your device for 150 % (one hundred and fifty per cent) of the scheduled duration of the itinerary, including stop-overs and connections. For example, if your flight lasts 6 (six) hours and 30 /(thirty) minutes, 150 % (one hundred and fifty per cent) of autonomy means enough battery to cover 9 (nine) hours and 45 (forty-five) minutes at the time of boarding.

    The required number of charged batteries will be calculated based on the life in hours estimated by the manufacturer.

    Extra batteries are considered hazardous items; therefore, the terminals on the batteries must be isolated to prevent them from coming into contact among them and/or with other metallic items that may cause a short circuit, make them unstable and/or generate heat.

    Spare batteries:

    You may take up to 20 (twenty) spare batteries per passenger if their power does not exceed 100 Wh (lithium-ion) and they contain up to 2 grams of lithium.

    You may only take up to 2 (two) spare batteries per passenger if their power falls between 100 Wh and 160 Wh (lithium-ion) or they contain between 2 and 8 grams of lithium.

    Batteries with a power exceeding 160 Wh or containing more than 8 grams of lithium may not be carried.

    For more information on the number of flight hours and battery autonomy, please contact Special Services at (011) 4909 2511/2512, Mondays through Fridays, from 9 AM to 9 PM.

    Procedure for the use of POC (Positive Airway Pressure Devices) onboard

    RESERVATION: contact our WhatsApp number +54 11 4940-4798 at least 10 (ten) days and up to 72 (seventy-two) business hours before the departure of your flight.

    DOCUMENTATION: submit the MEDIF FORM (Attachment A and B), completed in print writing, to any of the Sales Points of Aerolíneas Argentinas, or send it via email to

    This document is subject to the analysis of Aerolíneas Argentinas group’s Medical Department, and we may request additional information, if necessary. The MEDIF FORM may be submitted only in Spanish or English.

    Then contact the Special Services Sector (Sector Servicios Especiales) at (054) (911) 2821-2531, Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 9 PM, in order to confirm the receipt of the form. We will then email you a sworn statement for the use of the Oxygen Concentrator that you must sign and submit on the day of the flight at the departure airport.

    • AIRPORT: submit the medical form (MEDIF) completed by your doctor (original form and two copies). Please bear in mind show up times: for Domestic flights, 3 hours  before the departure of your flight; and for Regional/International flights,  5 (five) hours before the departure of your flight.

    CHECK IN: you will have to check in at the priority assistance counter.

    CARRY-ON BAGGAGE: POC and Positive Airway Pressure Devices are considered carry-on baggage. The location of the equipment will vary depending on its size. If its size is similar to the size of a small handbag, then it may remain next to the passenger during the whole flight. If it is bigger, it must be placed under the seat in front of the passenger.

    If you use any of these devices, you should take into account that:

    • If you have connecting flights with other companies, you must check their policies on this regard.

    • In the case of cabin depressurization, you must use the oxygen mask that deploys over your seat.

    • You may use your Device while walking through the cabin, provided that the seatbelt sign is off.

    • If you need oxygen at the airports, or in any of the stages previous to, during or after the flight, we suggest you coordinate the procedures and the provision of the service with local providers, medical coverage or assistance, insurance or health services.

    • Carry the medical equipment’s user manuals in your carry-on baggage. You should be familiar with all usual adjustments.

    • For safety reasons, passengers using POC cannot be seated in an exit row or in the first row of seats.

    • Passengers travelling with POC cannot travel with pets in the cabin.

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Special Meals

  • More Information

    In case you follow a special diet due to medical, religious or cultural reasons, you may request an alternative menu.

    Please contact us via our Call Center at 0810-222-86527 or via WhatsApp at +54 11 4940-4798, at least 72 hours before the departure of your flight, so that we can fulfill your request.

    Pursuant to the sanitary measures applied in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, this service is limited. The following special menus are available:

    Regional flights:

    Gluten-free menu

    International flights:

    Kids’ menu (2 to 12 years old)

    Kosher menu

    Menu for passengers with diabetes

    Low-fat and low-cholesterol menu

    Low-sodium menu

    Gluten-free menu

    Lacto-ovo-vegetarian menu

    Lactose-free vegetarian menu

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Are you traveling with your service dog?

  • More Information

    Service dogs are welcome on board of our flights to accompany:

    • People with a visual or hearing impairment and/or with motor disability.
    • People with autistic spectrum disorders
    • Trainers.


    Please, contact us at least 48 hours before the departure of your flight through our WhatsApp line, at +54 11 4940-4798, or through our Call Center, at 0810 222 86527, so that we may validate your documentation and offer you a better service.
    In order to comply with security and comfort standards, in case of traveling with more than one assistance, signal or service dog, you must pay for an additional seat.

    Documentation to be submitted:

    •  Credential issued by the training school (*), which may be:

                                a) Owner/dog pair: owner information / information about the assistance signal or service dog.

                                b) Trainer/dog pair: trainer information / information about the assistance signal or service dog.

    (*) In the case of assistance dogs certified abroad, the record of the country of origin or certifying entity must be stated.

    • Vest or harness with name tag and leash to be attached to the seat belt.
    • Insurance policy of the dog.
    • Form for “Traveling with an Assistance, Signal or Service Dog”, filled out and signed
    • Certificate of good health issued no later than 10 (ten) days before the flight.
    • Rabies vaccine certificate.

    Bear in mind that it is your responsibility to be aware of the health requirements that apply to the carriage of animals according to the country of origin/destination.
    For more information, we suggest that you visit the webpage of the National Food Safety and Quality Service SENASA.


    • Observe the time when you are supposed to show at the airport and check in personally.
    • Submit the necessary documentation.
    • You may enter the Assistance Lounge in case of flights departing from Jorge Newbery Airport in the City of Buenos Aires.
    • Depending on the class of your ticket or your category of frequent flyer, your dog may enter the Cóndor Lounge at Ezeiza International Airport.

    General information for traveling with your assistance, signal or service dog:

    • It must travel at your feet or under the seat, without obstructing aisles or invading the personal space of the passenger seating next to you.
    • Your dog must behave properly and follow your directions.
    • It must be able to control its bowel movements during the flight and must be in adequate hygienic conditions.
    • You may not travel in an emergency exit seat.
    • If you have a connecting flight with another company, it is essential that you check their policy in advance.
    • Follow the recommendations of your veterinarian.

    Note: Aerolíneas Argentinas does not carry emotional support animals. Click here to check the requirements for the carriage of dogs or cats in the cabin or in the hold.

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Are you traveling with your seat or harness?

  • More Information

    In Aerolíneas Argentinas, we are working so you and your children enjoy a more comfortable and safe flight. In compliance with the regulations of the Argentine Civil Aviation Administration (ANAC, for its acronym in Spanish), infants, children, and people with special support needs may fly using their own Child Restraint System (CRS), which includes child safety seats and/or harnesses authorized for use on board.

    General Terms of use:

    • CRS is authorized for individuals of up to 17 (seventeen) years of age, provided their weight conforms to the one indicated in the label.
    • You may be requested to complete the MEDIFORM for its assessment by the Company’s Medical Service.
    • You must make your request through our Contact Center between 10 (ten) days and up to 72 (seventy-two) business hours prior to the departure time of your flight to inquire about the requirements to be complied with.

    NOTE: If your restraint system (seat or harness) does not comply with the requirements mentioned below and you have a trip planned, send an email to at least 10 (tten) business days before the departure of your flight.



    Requirements that you must meet to use the seat or harness:

    • The CRS must comply with the certifications for use in aircraft, which are set out on the labels with one of the following inscriptions:
      1. "This child restraint system conforms to all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards" or "this restraint is certified for use in motor vehicles and aircraft".
      2. Approval from a foreign government or a label showing that the seat was manufactured in accordance with United Nations standards. For seats manufactured in Europe, the label is orange and must include the reference ECE R 44/04, which is the seat’s type approval certification; the word “Universal”, indicating that the seat is approved for installation in any vehicle; the authorized weight range; the letter “E” as an indicator of European approval followed by a number and the seat’s approval and serial number.
      3. In the event a Harness is used, the inscription of approval should read as follows: "FAA Approved in Accordance with 14 CFR21.8(d), Approved for Aircraft Use Only" or "FAA Approved in Accordance with 14 CFR 21.305(d), Amd 21.50 6-9-1980, Approved for Aircraft Use Only”. There is only one foreign manufacturer with this certification for harnesses.


    • The accompanying adult is responsible for providing a CRS applicable to the child’s weight and height, and should verify that the CRS is valid for use.
    • Children under 2 (two) years traveling in their CRS seats must have a minor fare ticket paid in the same cabin as the adult.
    • In the event the label is damaged, worn or illegible, you must produce the CRS manual, which should verify its certifications and include the information related to weight limit and installation instructions.
    • The adult must fly in the same cabin as the child in the seat or harness, in the adjacent seat, and is responsible for the CRS’s proper installation on board.
    • The CRS must be capable for installation in a 40.5 cm or 16 inches wide seat.

    Pre-assignment of seats and restrictions:

    CRS may only be used in certain seats according to availability and aircraft configuration. This is why we recommend requesting the seat reservation once the purchase has been made, through our Contact Center at 0810 222 86527, particularly when the seat is intended to be installed rear-facing.

    At the Airport’s front desk, we will verify if the CRS is authorized for use on board. Therefore, we recommend you show up in advance according to your destination:

    Domestic Flights: 120 (one hundred and twenty) minutes before the departure of your flight.

    Regional and international flights: 180 (one hundred and eighty) minutes before the departure of your flight.

    CRS which do not meet the abovementioned requirements shall be treated as checked baggage.







    Booster seats or seats that do not have backs or harness-like seatbelts are NOT allowed for use on board.

    For more information, do not hesitate to contact us 24/7 at WhatsApp number +54 11 4940-4798 

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