FAQ'S - UpGrade: auction

1- How does it work?

It is an auction, you can make your offer and the best one will be selected 48 hours before departure to upgrade to Club Condor / Club Economy Class.

2- What are the details of the benefits?

With your Upgrade you get:
Club Cóndor (international flights - operated with Airbus fleet):
• Access to Ezeiza Club Condor Lounge (VIP Lounge). Only for flights departing from Ezeiza.
• Priority boarding and disembarkation,
• Club Condor baggage allowance,
• Rest at the angled Lie Flat seats, with 170 ° recline,
• Enjoy our digital AVOD (Audio and Video on Demand) entertainment system,
• Relax with our "Moodlighting" lighting system with color and light intensity to adapt the ambience to every stage of the flight,
• Treat yourself to our menu consisting of dishes designed by our executive chefs,
• Taste wines and sparkling wines that are served on board, selected from Argentine wineries. Liquors and spirits are also offered, in addition to coffee, tea and juice according to the flight schedule.
Club Economy (flights within Argentina and regional flights):
• Enjoy greater comfort on board, relax in double seats with a pitch of at least 36",
• Priority boarding and disembarkation,
• Club Economy baggage allowance,
• Differentiated catering.

3- How can I make my offer to get an Upgrade?

You can make your offer to get your Upgrade by entering the following link.

4- How do I increase my chances of winning?

You can improve your offer up to 48 hours before the flight departure, by entering the link stated in the email you received after making the offer.

5 - Does the class/fare I paid allows me to make an offer to get an Upgrade?

To verify if your fare/class allows making an offer for an Upgrade, you have to enter here. Enter your reservation code and your information. Only if your fare/class allows it, you can make your offer.

6- How far in advance and up until which date before my flight, can I make my offer to get an Upgrade?

You can make the offer from the moment you purchase your ticket up to 48 hours before your flight departure.

7- How can I make an offer to get an Upgrade for only some of the passengers in my booking?

If any passenger in the booking does not wish to make an Upgrade, you should previously split the booking. You can request it in person at our offices or contacting our Call Center 0810 222 86527 (VOLAR), so that each passenger has his own reservation code. Then you can make the Upgrade request for the desired passenger.

8- Can I modify or cancel my offer before possible acceptance? What is the time limit to change or cancel it?

You can change or cancel your offer through the link that appears in the email notifying you that Aerolíneas Argentinas has received your offer, at any time up to 48 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure, as long as Aerolíneas Argentinas has not already notified you about the acceptance of the same.

9- Will there be immediate charge when making an offer?

No, when making an offer, the credit card data you enter to process the payment in case of winning the auction will be stored.

10- What happens if my offer is not accepted? Does my current booking change?

If the offer is not accepted, booking and ticket remain unchanged and your credit card will not be charged.

11- When and how do I confirm if my offer was accepted?

If Aerolineas Argentinas accepts your offer, it will notify you via email, and your credit card (registered at the time of the offer) will be charged immediately for the total amount of the transaction.

12- How can I pay if my offer is accepted?

You can only pay the total amount offered, in one payment, with the credit card you used when making the offer to participate in the auction.

13- Can I make a change of flight, route or date if I have already been upgraded?

Once Aerolíneas Argentinas has accepted your offer and granted you the requested Upgrade, it is not possible to request changes in flights, route or date. If you request any of these changes, you will lose the Upgrade.

14 - Once the offer was accepted and the amount has already been debited from my card can I request the refund?

No, once Aerolíneas Argentinas and Austral have accepted your offer and grant you the Upgrade, it is not possible to request the refund of the amount already charged to your credit card. The service is not refundable.

15- Can I transfer my already granted Upgrade to another person?

The Upgrade obtained is non-transferable. It is not possible to grant it to another passenger.

16- When will I know if my offer was accepted?

48 hours before flight departure, the auction winner will be selected.

17- What happens if my Economy class booking includes any special service like oxygen, special meals, wheelchair, etc.?

If your Economy class original booking includes special services (oxygen, special meals, wheelchair, etc.), please contact our Call center at 0810 222 86527 when you get the Upgrade, and request them again up to 24 hours before your flight departure.