Additional Baggage


You may also purchase it in advance through our Customer Service channels, or at the airport offices on the date of your flight.



The maximum number of additional bags that can be purchased per passenger is 4.

  • The purchase of Additional Baggage is not applicable to special baggage or overweight or oversize baggage.
  • For flights departing from Europe, the charge shall apply in EUR (euros), whereas for flights departing from other South American destinations, the charge shall apply in USD (dollars).
  • This service does not earn miles.
  • All additional services are non-refundable.
    For more information about baggage allowance, visit Baggage Allowance
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Price chart:

The amounts stated below are final and include the tax of each country. 


  Additional baggage
from / to
1st baggage 
Piezas adicionales
Purchase Value Purchase Value
Argentina < >  Argentina - Excepto Tierra del Fuego  $ 2.500 $ 3.000
Argentina < >  Argentina - Tierra del Fuego $ 2.066 $ 2.479
Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay < > Sudamerica USD 30 USD 60
Bolivia < > Sudamerica USD 34 USD 69
Colombia < > Sudamerica USD 32 USD63
Peru < > Sudamerica USD 35 USD 71
Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Paraguay, Perú, Uruguay < >  Internacional USD/EUR 70 USD/EUR 100
Bolivia  < >  Internacional USD/EUR 80 USD/EUR 115
Colombia < >  Internacional  USD/EUR 74 USD/EUR 105
Perú < >  Internacional USD/EUR 83 USD/EUR 118
México < > Sudamérica  USD 81 USD 116
México  < > Perú USD 94 USD 134
 República Dominicana < > Sudamerica  USD 83 USD 118
  Cuba, Estados Unidos, Europa < >  Sudamérica USD/EUR 70 USD/EUR 100
The values ​​expressed are final and include the tax of each country.
1-In Argentina, and between Argentina and Chile, if the bag exceeds 23 kg, it will have to be dispatched through Cargo. 
2- South American flights include the following countries: Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay. 
3- International flights include the following countries: Mexico, Dominican Republic, United States, Europe, Oceania, Africa and Asia.


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