Aerolineas Plus - Terms of Use

Terms & conditions

1.1 NOMINEE. Nominee (AEROLINEAS ARGENTINAS PLUS members) are individuals who have completed and obtained the required details on the registration form of the website, which once accepted, will give the applicant a membership number which corresponds to the identification of your account.
The account is personal and recognizes only one holder.
It is the responsibility of each member to know the rules of the program and its updates published on the website.
In the case of minors, their parents or guardians are responsible of the administration of their account.
1.2 BENEFICIARIES. Beneficiaries may or may not have a family relationship with the account holder. The account holder may appoint up to 10 beneficiaries online atíneas Plus/Mi Cuenta Plus/Beneficiarios.

The Member may register 10 beneficiaries at the time he/she deems necessary within the calendar year. They may be registered individually, whenever they need award tickets to their name, or all at once.

The account holder and the beneficiaries are not required to travel together.

Account holders under the age of eighteen (18) cannot appoint beneficiaries online. Their parents or guardians, who manage the minor’s account, shall send a message via WhatsApp (+54 9 11 4940-4798), Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., with the following text: "ARPLUS/Membership Number/Surname and Name". Then, they shall send a note signed by both parents or guardians, requesting the appointment of beneficiaries. The note shall include the surname, name, ID number (in case of Argentine citizens, whether or not residing in Argentina, and foreigners residing in Argentina) or Passport number (for foreigners not residing in Argentina), date of birth, and the relationship between each beneficiary and the account holder. Copies of the documents, of both the account holder and the beneficiaries, shall be attached to said note. In the event of death of any of the parents or guardians, a scanned copy of the relevant Death Certificate shall be attached.

In case of improper use of the online beneficiary appointment service by the account holder, Aerolíneas Argentinas S.A. may cancel/restrict the account, pursuant to section 12 of the General Terms of Use of the Program and take all legal actions that it may deem relevant.

The account holder is responsible for the truthfulness of the information provided and releases Aerolíneas Argentinas S.A. from any responsibility arising from any mistake and/or omission.

The list of beneficiaries of the Member’s account shall be valid for one (1) calendar year, starting on January 1 and ending on December 31 of each year, regardless of the date of registration of the beneficiaries. This means that, if the registration date is after January 1, the expiration will also be on December 31 of the same year.

The account holder may remove any beneficiary during the calendar year. In this case, he/she shall send a message via WhatsApp (+54 9 11 4940-4798), Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., with the following text: "ARPLUS/Membership Number/Surname and Name". Then, the account holder shall send a signed note with a copy of his/her ID. The removed beneficiaries cannot be replaced with new beneficiaries if the Member had already appointed 10 beneficiaries. A new appointment shall be made as from January 1 of the following year.

The account holder will not earn Miles in his/her Plus Account for tickets issued for beneficiaries. This kind of tickets may not be transferred and/or assigned for valuable consideration or otherwise.

The object of the AEROLINEAS ARGENTINAS PLUS program is a permanent promotion based on  obtaining  miles by the holder (according to the conditions and procedures outlined in condition 5) used to be redeemed for tickets from the airlines participating in the program or services that are provided by companies associated with the program (under the conditions and procedures outlined in condition 6).

The subscription to the Aerolíneas Plus Program is free.

3.1 DEFINITION. The AEROLINEAS ARGENTINAS PLUS card is the operational tool of the Program, which identifies the holder and gives him/her the right to participate in it. It has the name and surname of the holder as well as the account number emblazoned. After registering and becoming a member, the customer will be provided with an 8 (eight) digit identification or account number. As an identification proof, the member can print a virtual card with his name and account number on it, through Website / My Plus Account. For Elite: Platinum or Gold members, a personalized plastic card with an expiration date will be issued. Additionally it will be renewed according to the miles accrued within a determined period of time. The member can request a provisional card at any AEROLINEAS ARGENTINAS office. 3.2 VALIDITY - HOLDERSHIP - OWNERSHIP. The card is personal, non-transferable and has no expiration, except the GOLD, PLATINUM or special segmentation card, which have an expiration date stamped on them; they will be renewed according to the miles accrued within the immediate annual expired period. The card is the property of AEROLINEAS ARGENTINAS S.A., the Cardholder being its depositary and responsible for preserving and using it, in accordance with what is laid out in these Terms and Conditions. 3.3 If by chance your AEROLINEAS ARGENTINAS PLUS card is lost, stolen or in need of being replaced, the card holder shall inform this situation by letter or email at the addresses mentioned at the end of these Terms and Conditions, and request a new card. Cardholder will not be held responsible for any fraud or misuse that could have occurred before reporting it missing. 
3.2 VALIDITY - OWNERSHIP - PROPERTY. The card is personal, non-transferable and has no expiration, except the GOLD, PLATINUM or special segmentation card, which have an expiration date stamped on them; they will be renewed according to the miles accrued within the immediate annual expired period. The card is the property of AEROLINEAS ARGENTINAS S.A., the Cardholder being its depositary and responsible for preserving and using it, in accordance with what is laid out in these Terms and Conditions.
3.3 If by chance your AEROLINEAS ARGENTINAS PLUS card is lost, stolen or in need of being replaced, the card holder shall inform this situation by letter or email at the addresses mentioned at the end of these Terms and Conditions, and request a new card. Cardholder will not be held responsible for any fraud or misuse that could have occurred before reporting it missing. 

The program applies wherever there are flights operated both by Aerolineas Argentinas and members that participate in the program. 

5.1 EARNING AIR MILES CONDITIONS. AEROLINEAS PLUS miles are earned by taking flights on any of the partner airlines’ and only by the holder. Only those flights and services provided by participating companies and used since the date the account has been opened, may accrue miles
5.2 MILES ACCRUAL TABLE. The number of miles earned per flight will be obtained from:
a) Basic table of miles accrual, applicable at the date of each flight to be computed, built from the origin/destination of the flights made and the class in which they are ticketed. AEROLINEAS ARGENTINAS S.A. reserves the right to modify these tables informing the new conditions of miles accrual and its effective date through Internet, in-flight magazine, by telephone when requested by the customer and//or with the printed tables which are available in Aerolineas Argentinas S.A offices.
b) Specific promotions in determined routes and periods to be arranged by AEROLINEAS ARGENTINAS S.A. and/or other participating companies in the Program. AEROLINEAS ARGENTINAS PLUS reserves the right to offer bonus miles and promotional offers in a selective manner to specific members at any time, according to the number of trips, geographic location, their participation in the Program, or other factors.

- Tickets issued as class A and class R tickets in domestic routes as from May 3, 2021.

- Class G tickets issued as from the following dates: January 29, 2019 for flights to/from Bogotá and Punta Cana; February 6, 2019 for domestic routes; February 11, 2019 for regional routes and Cancún; February 18, 2019 for international routes.

- Tickets purchased in exchange for Miles.

- Tickets purchased combining Miles + Pesos.

- Free tickets or tickets issued at a discount, such as charter fares, tourism industry fares, governmental fares, and other special fares that may be available.
5.4 PROCEDURES. In order to accrue miles, passengers need to inform their AEROLINEAS AERGENTINAS PLUS membership number when requesting a booking on Aerolineas Argentinas and they will also need to show their membership card at the check-in at each airport before their flight. If required, a personal ID will need to be shown, in order to confirm identity (Passport, National ID, Identification Card, etc). Miles will be accrued in the account after taking the flight. Nevertheless, each member is responsible of controlling that their miles are properly credited, for which the will be able to verify it by phone, e-mail or by checking their balance on our Website. Whenever a member claims that miles have not been added to the account for a used service,  in these cases AEROLINEAS ARGENTINAS PLUS considers that a verification is necessary, members will have to present the original ticket and boarding pass which proves the proof necessary to add the miles to the account. The holder will have to keep each original boarding pass which conforms the necessary documentation to file a claim in case of differences in miles accrual. For this purpose, members will have to forward the original documents by mail to: Rivadavia 578, CP C1002AAP, Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina. AEROLINEAS ARGENTINAS PLUS is not liable for the loss of the documents, in which case, the holder will have to send a new copy of the documents. AEROLINEAS ARGENTINAS S.A. will not accept any claims for miles after 6 months have elapsed from the date of the flight in question.
5.5 NON-AIR MILES ACCRUAL CONDITIONS. Miles can also be obtained by services granted by participating companies and used after the account has been opened. Miles will be accrued in the account once partner companies forward the necessary information. In order to obtain miles for the service, members will have to show their AEROLINEAS ARGENTINAS PLUS card when hiring the service, and if required, an ID to verify the  identity (Passport, National ID, Identity Card, etc.). Members shall keep the original copy of the car rental contract, hotel bill or any receipt provided by the partner company which will make up the necessary documentation to file a claim in the event of discrepancies in miles accrual. In case of non-air services provided by partner companies, the term for filing a claim is 3 months from the date the service has been received. Partner companies can, by their own decision, modify the amount of miles that are obtained for their services or apply restrictions to process the miles.
5.6 OMMISSION OF PRESENTING THE CARD. In case of not complying with the obligation of presenting the AEROLINEAS ARGENTINAS PLUS card, no miles shall be accrued for the flights or services.


Obtained miles can be redeemed for tickets from airlines that participate in the program or services that companies provide a form for exchange of miles that are associated with the plan on the date of use of the prize.
The redemption of the miles should conform to the following:

The reward tickets shall be able to be issued in Promotional Class, Tourist Class, and Premium Economy Class and/or in Business Class, being those fares combinable among them in different segments in the same transportation document. When the tickets are issued combining classes and one of them is the Promotional Class, all the transportation document shall be ruled by the conditions and restrictions applied to that Promotional Class. The trips carried out with charge of miles for reward tickets in Promotional Class, shall always be round trip tickets, point to point and no stops shall be permitted. - The endorsement of tickets with charge of miles shall NOT BE PERMITTED, even in those cases in which the flight has been cancelled by the Company. The booking and the issuance of those trips to be performed by Exchange of miles to fly by Aerolíneas Argentinas SA and/or Austral Lineas Aéreas (Cielos del Sur SA) shall be made only through our website, with the exception of the following supposed cases that will only be issued through any Aerolineas Argentinas SA. Sales offices. 1- Booking and issuance of tickets to fly within the previous twenty-four (24) hours before the departure of the flight. 2-Issuance of the paid ticket and one of identical destination and date ticket reward. 3 Reward ticket for minors travelling alone (bookings and issuances are not permitted in any through the website).4 Reward ticket to fly by the companies that have the modality of miles exchange and that were associated to the program at the date of usage of the reward. The trips to travel by exchange of miles to fly by companies that have the modality of miles exchange and that were associated to the program at the date of usage of the reward shall be issued through the Aerolineas Argentinas sales offices. The exchange of miles for the issuance of an AEROLÍNEAS PLUS reward ticket through the before mentioned expressed media are subject to a charge payment (Aerolíneas Plus Fee) per each reward ticket. Said charge is additional to the taxes and other corresponding charges according to each type of ticket, destination and class of service that has been exchanged. This charge shall be paid at the moment of the issuance at the Aerolineas Argentinas SA sales offices.
6.2 MILES UTILIZATION TABLE. The amount of miles required to obtain a particular ticket is calculated from:
(a) a basic table using your miles, built from the source/destination of the flight. AEROLÍNEAS ARGENTINAS S.A. reserves the right to modify these tables, communicating the new conditions of use of miles and their date of effectiveness via the Internet, on board magazine by telephone when asked by the with copies of tables that are available in the offices of AEROLÍNEAS ARGENTINAS S.A.
(b) specific promotions on certain routes and periods set by AEROLÍNEAS ARGENTINAS S.A. and/or the rest of the companies participating in the program.
6.3 MILE REDEMPTION PROCEDURE. Only the principal member can control the miles credited to the account, either for their own use, their beneficiaries or companion, as described in point 1. Request for issuance of awards can be the owner or on his behalf, a person authorized in writing, which presents the card and a photocopy of the national identity card of the owner.
(a) The award reservation request
The holder must apply for the reservation with a minimum of 48 working hours notice (not weekend or public holidays) prior to the flight departure, do so via the Web make a reservation is 72 hrs in advance subject to availability,advising thar it is for a redemption ticket with Aerolineas Plus miles in the Call Center or at the offices of AEROLÍNEAS ARGENTINAS S.A.
(b) Request of issuance of the award
The holder must submit the AEROLÍNEAS PLUS card and conveniently identified with their identity document to apply for the award ticket. In case of another person, you must also identify presenting the authorization, identity card, card and photocopy of the ID card of the holder The ticket will be delivered prior deduction of miles, collection of the issue fee (airline Plus Fee) and signed by the owner, or authorized person of the corresponding proof of charge. AEROLÍNEAS ARGENTINAS S.A. offices are the only authorized to issue the ticket. To present at the airport with a ticket issued against miles, holder, the beneficiary or companion in your case, must prove their identity by identity card or passport. The charge to issue (Aerolíneas Plus Fee), the taxes - output for the use of airports, migration, security charges, or other established by airports, countries, or airline, that are applicable to the award tickets are the responsibility of the partner and must be paid at the time of the ticket is issued, except those that are only collected at the airport or country of departure of the flight. No award tickets will be awarded to members who at the time of request have a debt or pending law suit with Aerolíneas Argentinas S.A.
6.4 LIMITATIONS. AEROLINEAS ARGENTINAS PLUS members may only use miles on flights operated by AEROLINEAS ARGENTINAS and the companies associated with the programme.
Before the cancellation or rescheduling of a flight, the award ticket is not endorsable to other air lines, as stipulated in the General conditions of transport resolution 1532/96 annex 1 art.12, paragraph b).
However, AEROLÍNEAS ARGENTINAS will make its best efforts to relocate the passenger on the next flight with same routing and destination of at the award ticket.
6.5 CHANGES and REFUNDSIn the event of non-use of the award ticket, the holder may opt for a full refund of the ticket (with the exception of award tickets issued from 05/02/2022 in Promotional Class or with a combination of Promotional Class, which do not allow refund) or for the change of travel date. Partial returns or route changes are not allowed.

Award tickets issued until 05/01/2022 in Promotional Class or with a combination of Promotional Class will be subject to the payment of a penalty.
Both options must be arranged prior to the departure of the flight by contacting the Contact Center at 0810-222-86527 or directly at the offices of Aerolíneas Argentinas.
In case of requesting the return of the award ticket, the charge for the concept of issuance (Aerolíneas Plus Fee) paid in a timely manner will not be refunded.
The refund will imply both the total reimbursement of Miles and the amount paid in due time for fees and taxes.


The expiration date of the Miles and the credit and debit transactions carried out during the month will be available on the website. Members may check this information online with their personal password at cuenta Plus.

All the miles earned will expire when there has been no flight activity in the account within 3 years after the last time miles were earned for paid flights taken, for award tickets issued or for tickets upgraded in exchange for miles.

“Flight activity” means a ticket issued in exchange for miles or a ticket upgraded in exchange for miles (both transactions processed before the expiration date), or the earning of miles for tickets purchased at valid fares for flights operated by Aerolíneas Argentinas and the SkyTeam member airlines with a flight date before the date of expiration.

Whenever there is flight activity in the Plus Account, the expiration date will be extended by 3 years.

It should be noted that the tickets issued at fare classes that earn zero miles and are registered in the account will also be valid for the renewal of the validity period of the accrued balance.

When 3 years have elapsed without any flight activity, the balance of the account shall automatically revert to zero.

Neither the monthly accrual of miles from banks, related companies or associated airlines nor the purchase and transfer of miles shall extend the expiration date of the accrued balance.

A refund cannot be given for award tickets issued to extend the expiration date of any miles accrued. If a refund is requested, the 3‑year extension obtained will be revoked, and the passenger will be banned from participating in the Program in the future.

The transfer of miles between Aerolineas Plus members can only be made through our website (Argentina site) by Aerolineas Plus members over 18 years of age and residents in Argentina, with credit cards that were acceptable at the time of transfer. the operation. Its value will be calculated at the current exchange rate of the US dollar for the acquisition of air tickets plus the local taxes that apply in each country, constituting the final price. The base will be 1,000 miles equal to USD 12 + 21% VAT.
The issuing member will be enabled to transfer miles when they register their first credit of miles from flights made or when they have linked their Plus Account to one of the banks associated with the program.
The minimum number of miles that can be transferred will be 1,000 miles and more than that amount only in multiples of a thousand up to a maximum of 80,000 per calendar year. You can receive up to 120,000 Miles for the same period. Once the miles have been debited from the issuing member's account, refunds will not be accepted.
The transferred miles may be acquired to be applied to an award or to be accumulated in the receiving member's account to be applied to future benefits of the program.
The miles acquired by the receiving member will not be considered to classify in the different categories of Aerolineas Plus members or to change from one category to another. Nor will it modify the expiration date of the miles of the Plus Account.


In the event of death of the owner miles account will expire automatically.

Account holders may terminate their participation in the Program at any time by notifying their intentions in writing, through a signed note (attaching a copy of their ID) that must be sent via WhatsApp (+54 9 11 4940-4798). If the balance of miles is lower than the number of miles needed to issue the minor award, said balance may not be used. All the archived information relating to the relevant account holder will be destroyed after 6 months. 

AEROLINEAS ARGENTINAS PLUS may unsubscribe/inhibit an account and cancel the accumulated miles, if there is abuse (commercialization or purchase, sale of Miles for profit or due to nonpayment of tickets) of miles or fraudulent accreditation to an account by the  licensee or a third party and even inhibit the future participation of the person in the program and require the relevant responsibilities.
Equal measure may be taken by the company in the event of any misconduct of the member on Board of the aircraft of the company, such as failure to follow the directions of the Captain of the aircraft or cabin crew, due disrespect or bother to a crew or other passengers, or in the case of any other improper conduct, both on board, such as at the airport or in establishments, premises or facilities of the company. Therefore, the membership in the program is subject to compliance with all the terms and conditions of the Aerolineas Argentinas Plus program and the strict observation of the rules and regulations of the company, both on board or on the ground in places that are in the custody of the company

Aerolíneas Argentinas S.A. reserves the right to modify or suspend these “General Terms of Use” and/or to modify, suspend or eliminate the benefits of the program at any time, notifying members through Aerolíneas Argentinas’ webpage and by email.

The AEROLINEAS ARGENTINAS PLUS program may be cancelled by AEROLÍNEAS ARGENTINAS S.A. with  prior notice of six months, within which partners with sufficient accredited miles must apply for their awards, otherwise will expire the right to do so.

AEROLÍNEAS ARGENTINAS S.A. is not responsible for the impossibility to carry out the AEROLINEAS ARGENTINAS PLUS program, where due to legal impositions or force majeure.

These "General terms of use" shall be governed in accordance with the laws of Argentina.

Any dispute that arises between the parties in relation to this contract, its existence, validity, qualification, interpretation, scope, compliance or resolution, will be resolved definitively by the Court of arbitration General of the Commerce of Buenos Aires stock in accordance with the regulations in force for the arbitration of law which the parties know and accept.