Buy miles in Argentina

Aerolíneas Plus offers you the chance of reaching the prize award for the destination you may wish: The purchase of miles. One new modality in order to let you buy those miles are that are lacking and, thus, to enjoy the award.

In order to access miles purchase, members must first make their reward booking at:

Call Center 0810-222-86527

Peru 2 - Capital Federal

Cabildo 2900 - Capital Federal

Ituzaingo 401, San Isidro - Buenos Aires

Paseo Sarmiento 82 - Mendoza

Moreno 2442 - Mar del Plata

Av. Colon 520 - Córdoba

Rivadavia 156 - Comodoro Rivadavia

Av. del Libertador 1361 - El Calafate

Av. San Martín 545 - Río Gallegos

San Martín 607 - Río Grande

Maipú 823 - Ushuaia




The purchase of miles will be able to be performed only within the Argentine Territory and with the minimum period of 72 (seventy-two) hours in advance before the departure of the flight. The purchase of miles must be related to a prize award booking. No purchase shall be admitted without complying this condition. Value of the miles: 1000 miles (one thousand miles) = USD 30,00 (thirty U.S. dollars) (the currency exchange corresponding to the day of the transaction shall be applied)

Maximum quantity for a Purchase: 60.000 miles per calendar year
Minimum quantity of Purchase: 1000 miles.

The issued awards with miles bought will be subject to the General Conditions of the Aerolineas Argentinas Plus Program. Once the booking has been made, the members shall have to make the purchase of the miles and the consequent issuance of the prize award at the sales offices before detailed. Refund of miles purchased only shall be performed to the Aerolineas Argentinas Plus Account whenever the class of award issued permits so. The purchase of miles shall be performed under the following ways of payment: cash or credit card. The amount of miles purchased are charged by taxes; they shall be paid by the partner at the time of the purchase. Service fees will not be aplaid for online purchase of miles