viernes, 03 de julio de 2015

Comunicados de prensa

Comunicados de prensa 2015

The incredible lies of La Nación newspaper



La Nación newspaper with its journalist Joaquin Morales Solá, once again publishes false and malicious information on Aerolineas Argentinas.
This time by publishing information that casts doubt on the reasons of the delay of the flight that the Congressman by radicalism, Gustavo Valdes, should have boarded.
The flight AR1782 of June 25 must have departed from Aeroparque at 05.50 am, but the Airport of Resistencia was inoperable at that time due to fog, technically called conditions below minima, so that it is not possible to fly while this natural phenomenon persists.
The airport resumed operations only just at 09.20 pm, once the new weather report (METAR) was known; departing the AR1782 to Resistencia at 10.18 am and arriving at this city at 11.59 am.

The AR1783 flight took off at 12.34 am, arriving at the metropolitan airport at 02.01 pm.
It is regrettable that La Nación newspaper continues its smear campaign against the flag carrier, by creating fiction of facts, which can only be conceived by people who have a clear political purpose of harming not only our Airline but also the National Government.

Weather reports of the National Meteorological Service, which make it clear the lies published by the journalist Joaquín Morales Solá are attached.


Buenos Aires, June 29, 2015