Sunday, July 05, 2015

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Strategic agreement between Aerolineas Argentinas and Airbus


It involves the establishment of the unique maintenance training center for the Airbus fleet in Latin America

Dr. Mariano Recalde, along with other representatives of Aerolíneas and the European manufacturer Airbus, met this afternoon at the offices of the flag carrier and signed an agreement by which the creation of the unique maintenance training center for Airbus fleet in Latin America is formalized.

II is a business opportunity for Aerolíneas and a business expansion of its services to third parties, by partnering with Airbus as "a strategic partner in the region". The agreement is to provide technical training services (maintenance) in partnership with Airbus, and allows Aerolíneas to give courses certified by the manufacturer and reduce operating costs, while allowing the provision of maintenance services to other airlines.

Joe Houghton -Vice President of Training and Flight Operations - said "It is a pleasure to partner with a premier company as is Aerolineas Argentinas to undertake the establishment of the first training center for maintenance of Airbus in the region"

For his part Mariano Recalde, President of Aerolineas Argentinas, said "Airbus is the provider of our wide-body aircrafts and we will continue increasing our fleet of Airbus 330 in the coming years. So it is an honor to open the first training center for maintenance in Latin America, strengthening the reliability in the maintenance of our aircrafts and being able to offer new services to third parties”


Buenos Aires, June 29, 2015