Saturday, December 27, 2014

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Aerolíneas Argentinas doubles frequencies of flights to Mar del Plata


The Aerolíneas Argentinas President, Mariano Recalde, announced in Mar del Plata the new schedules of flights for summer season 2014/2015, which will have an increase of frequencies from 14 to 28 weekly flights.

The Ministry of Interior and Transportation of the Nation, Mr. Florencio Randazzo, attended the announcement.

From January, 1st, Mar del Plata will have four daily flights. The increase shall be also reflected in the quantity of offered seats due to the fact that some flights shall be operated by B-737 NG aircrafts that have 128 seats.

Thus, Aerolíneas Argentinas will also offer greater possibilities of timetables for passengers that travel to and from that tourist city, where the flow of passengers increases markedly in the tourist season.

Since the National State, is in charge of the management of Aerolíneas Argentinas, the number of transported passengers in the season to Mar del Plata has grown progressively, such is this case that in 2009 we transported 15.000 passengers, in 2014 have been 30.000 and this summer shall be more than 50.000 passengers.

At the moment of making the announcement, Dr. Recalde expressed "Aerolíneas Argentinas will offer 28 weekly flights for summer season plus 7 flights that are arriving in code shared modality. There will be 35 weekly direct flights from Bs. As to Mar del Plata” and added “It is a really important growth comparing with those flights when it has a private management that flew once a day, which avoid from arriving tourists”.


Finally, Aerolíneas Argentinas President said that “We are very happy because the State inversions are turn into concrete actions: more flights, more destinations and more strengthening of tourism that is an industry that creates a lot of work.” “We dream of connecting to Mar del Plata from different cities of the country, as we have already done, for example, with the flights to Rosario - Córdoba – Iguazú”.

Buenos Aires, December, 19th,  2014