Visit Argentina

Your air pass to travel around Argentina

Aerolíneas Argentinas and Austral offer you an updated pass to travel in Argentina at preferential rates.
It only applies to economy class travel on domestic flights operated by Aerolineas Argentinas and Austral.

Visit Argentina: Passengers arriving with Aerolineas Argentinas and other companies.

To purchase this coupon pass you need to have an international air ticket of arrival and departure to/from Argentina. PURCHASE NOW

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Fares per leg in USD (taxes not included)

From / to Buenos Aires
Bahía Blanca 92 Mar del Plata 73 Salta 152
Bariloche 161 Mendoza 113 San Juan 133
Catamarca 120 Neuquén 127 San Luis 120
Comodoro Rivadavia 172 Paraná 71 San Rafael 134
Córdoba 101 Posadas 119 Santa Fe (1) 67
Corrientes 103 Resistencia 103 Santa Rosa 93
El Calafate 151 Río Cuarto 86 Santiago del Estero 125
Esquel 151 Río Gallegos 176 Trelew 151
Formosa 126 Río Grande 189 Tucumán 167
Iguazú 127 Río Hondo 143 Ushuaia 177
Jujuy 149 Rosario 58 Viedma 111
La Rioja 120 S.M. de los Andes 170 - -
Note: (1) Will no be operational from 19JUN17 till 25NOV17.

Fares per leg in USD (taxes not included)

Internal legs
Bahía Blanca - Bariloche y v.v. (1) 136 Córdoba - Posadas y v.v. (6) 89 Bahía Blanca - Cdo. Rivadavia y v.v. (1) 70
Córdoba - Resistencia y v.v. 77 Bahía Blanca - Mar del Plata y v.v. 44 Córdoba - Salta y v.v. 77
Bahía Blanca - Neuquén y v.v. (3) 84 Córdoba - Trelew y v.v. (5) 101 Bahía Blanca - Trelew y v.v. 49
Córdoba - Tucumán y v.v. 54 Bahía Blanca - Ushuaia y v.v. 121 Córdoba - Ushuaia y v.v. 189
Bariloche - Córdoba y v.v. 146 El Calafate - Rosario y v.v. (4) 157 Bariloche - El Calafate y v.v. (4) 165
El Calafate - Trelew y v.v. (5) 126 Bariloche - Rosario y v.v. 150 El Calafate - Ushuaia y v.v. 86
Bariloche - Viedma y v.v. 80 Iguazú - Mendoza y v.v. (2) 180 Catamarca - La Rioja y v.v 20
Iguazú - Rosario y v.v. 109 Cdo. Rivadavia - Córdoba y v.v. 115 Iguazú - Salta y v.v. 165
Cdo. Rivadavia - Mar del Plata y v.v. (2) 77 Mar del Plata - Mendoza y v.v. (6) 132 Cdo. Rivadavia - Mendoza y v.v. (2) 129
Mar del Plata - Rosario y v.v. (6) 88 Cdo. Rivadavia - Neuquén y v.v. 77 Mar del Plata - Tucuman y v.v. (6) 149
Cdo. Rivadavia - Río Gallegos y v.v. 63 Mar del Plata - Trelew y v.v. (2) 64 Cdo. Rivadavia - Trelew y v.v. 44
Mar del Plata - Ushuaia y v.v. (2) 147 Córdoba - El Calafate y v.v. (5) 157 Mendoza - Neuquén y v.v. 77
Córdoba - Iguazú y v.v. 111 Mendoza - Rosario y v.v. 84 Córdoba - Jujuy y v.v. 77
Mendoza - Salta y v.v. 131 Córdoba - Mendoza y v.v. 52 Rosario - Salta y v.v. 105
Córdoba - Mar del Plata y v.v. (6) 124 Trelew - Ushuaia y v.v. (4) 211 Córdoba - Neuquén y v.v. 103
Note: (1) Operational between 08DEC17 & 02ABR18.
(2) Flights are not direct in one or both ways. (3) Operational till 06DIC17.
(4) Operational between 01SEP17 & 28FEB18. (5) Operational between 15SEP17 & 15DEC17. (6) Operational between 25DEC17 & 27FEB18.



Tickets issued from 1st August 2016 onwards.
Domestic routes included in Visit Argentina 2016 Program
Minimum: 1 (one) flight coupon.
Maximum: 12 (twelve) flight coupons between.
Once issued the purchase of additional coupons is not allowed (even if maximum of 12 coupons has not been reached).
Min / Max stay
Minimum: no restrictions.
Maximum: 90 days from the date of the first Visit Argentina flight.
Children:  pay 75 % of adult fare.
Infants:  pay 10 % of adult fare.
Reservation class: G
Fare basis: GVARG
Booking and issuing must be done with a minimal anticipation of 21 days prior to the date of the first flight.
Only one pass per passenger may be issued.
Each leg and flight number must be issued in separate coupons.
Issue of one coupon per leg and per flight number.
Visit Argentina must be issued on a separate ticket in conjunction with an international ticket which must be shown at time of ticketing.
All taxes and additional charges must be collected at time of issue.
This pass can be issued at our web site (depending on the passenger’s country of residence) with no ticketing fee.
If issued it an Aerolineas Argentinas office, ticketing fee will be charged based upon local regulation.
Fare constructions and combinations with other fares are not allowed.
Issue of Visit Argentina in the following countries is not allowed: Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile and Venezuela.
Ticketing deadlines
Bookings made with more than 52 (fifty two) days in advance can be issued up to 30 (thirty) days before departure of the first flight.
Bookings made within 51 (fifty one) to 21 (twenty one) days before departure of the first flight must be issued between 21 (twenty one) days before departure of the first flight.
Refunds due to cancellation and penalty for no–show:
Before departure of first flight booked: Original amount will be refund, less a cancellation fee of USD50.
Refund will be effective in the country where Visit Argentina has been issued.
After departure of first flight booked: Refund not allowed.
Penalty for no-show: Charge of USD75 will apply.
Date changes: USD50 per transaction, any time, within allowed maximum stay.
Change of routing: USD50 per transaction, any time, subject to availability of seats in the same fare basis. In case fare is higher, difference will be charged, in case fare is lower, difference will not be refunded.
VARG flights will accrue miles at promotional class level.
Luggage allowance and excess charges
Luggage allowance for Visit Argentina flights is 1 (one) piece of baggage of 23kgs (50,7 pounds).
Standard baggage rates will apply to the exceeding weight of this allowance.
Infants: no baggage allowance. Only a stroller, walker, folding stroller can be transported free of charge.