SkyPriority offers a series of exclusive benefits to improve the airport experience.

The benefits are available for: Aerolíneas Plus Platino members, SkyTeam Elite Plus members, Club Cóndor customers and to any First and Business Class customer of SkyTeam partners. Club Economy customers will also be eligible for SkyPriority when flying to any Aerolíneas Argentinas destination.

priority check in

Priority check-in: SkyPriority check-in offers our HVCs a dedicated check-in counter.

priority baggage drop-off

Priority baggage drop-off: SkyPriority offers the benefit of priority baggage drop-off. Our HVCs can check in their baggage at dedicated points, reducing the total check-in time.

priority boarding

Priority at select immigration and security lines: SkyPriority will offer dedicated immigration (passport control) and security lines at many airports throughout the world.*

priority handling baggage first on belt

Priority boarding: Whith Priority Boarding, our HVCs can board the aircraft first, or at any time they wish during the boarding process.

priority at transfer desk

Priority service at ticket office & transfer desks: Our HVCs pass by the long queues for quicker service at these desks.

Priority baggage handling: Baggage checked in by our HVCs, carrying a yellow Priority label, will be delivered first to the belt after the flight.

*Not all benefits may be available at every location (e.g. SkyPriority Security). The roll-out process will continue throughout 2013.

SkyPriority Video