Important information

Beneficiaries Designation

The request of Beneficiaries must be done forty-eight working days hours (48 hrs.) in advance. In order to see their data reflected in the account and be able to make a reward booking at their name. The note will be sent via e-mail to the following address:
It is essential to attach to that note the photocopy of the Identity Card of the Aerolineas Argentinas Plus Account holder.

We remind you that you will be able to name as beneficiaries of your account to your parents, children, brothers or sisters and your husband or wife.

After the forty-eight working days hours that this note has been sent, the beneficiaries shall be included in the account, with which the holder will be able to make a booking and the issuance of the reward ticket through My Plus Account.

In case of making the issuance of the reward ticket personally through any of our offices, if the holder were not the one who goes to that office, the appointed person to deal with it will have to show the note signed where it must be included the following information: name, surname and Identity Card Number of that person dealing with the issuance proceeding, name and surname of the persons for which the reward tickets shall be issued, route, class and account number in the Aerolineas Argentinas Plus Program, from which the miles will be debited. This note will have to be signed by the holder of said account, clarifying his/her Identity Card Number and attaching a copy of it to the note.

Please see details of the model of the letter:

For the attention of: Aerolineas Plus Department
In my condition of holder of the membership in the Aerolineas Plus Program number (Please, indicate the Membership Number), Identity Card Number (please, indicate that document number), I hereby request to include as beneficiaries of that account to the following persons:
*Complete Name and Last Name of the beneficiary.
*Identity Card Number of said beneficiary.
*Beneficiary`s Date of Birth.
*Relationship with the Holder.
I hereby attach a copy of my document.

Best regards,

Aerolineas Plus Account Holder´s Signature and its Clarification

Actualiza tus datos
Te solicitamos que actualices tus datos para mantenerte informado de las novedades y beneficios del Programa.