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About Aerolineas Plus

Aerolíneas Plus is a program created to reward the fidelity of our customers with the possibility of flying without any cost to national destinations and over the world, plus a series of additional benefits.

In order to participate you only have to register yourself and obtain the Aerolíneas Plus Cards which identifies you as a member of the Program.

The procedure is simple and completely free. Each time the member travels by Aerolíneas Argentinas or uses the services of the associated companies, you add points that start accumulating in your personal account and that will permit you to obtain reward tickets without any cost.

Likewise you can add miles through your purchases with The Platinum Credit Card Aerolineas Plus American Express, Banco Credicoop Credit Cards, Banco Galicia Credit Cards, Banco Hipotecario Credit Cards, Banco Macro and Banco Tucumán Grupo Macro Credit Cards. To enjoy the program, simply you have to subscribe and obtain the Aerolineas Plus card. It is simple and free.

Know about Terms & Conditions of the program.