Friday, 27 November 2015

Your air pass to travel around Argentina

Aerolíneas Argentinas and Austral offer you an updated pass to travel in Argentina at preferential rates.
It only applies to economy class travel on domestic flights operated by Aerolineas Argentinas and Austral.

To make your coupon booklet reservation, select your country of residence.
If you made your reservation online, pay here
Visit Argentina: Passengers arriving with Aerolineas Argentinas

To purchase this coupon pass you need to have an international air ticket of arrival and departure to/from Argentina with Aerolineas Argentinas.
Passengers starting their flight from any European country (except for Spain and Italy) may apply for this coupon pass regardless of the airline they fly with towards Argentina.
This pass can be sold and issued in any country, Argentina included.

Price per flight coupon (tax and surcharges not included)
  From / to BUE  
and Center
Bahía Blanca
La Rioja
Mar del Plata
Río Hondo
Santiago del Estero
San Juan
San Luis
San Rafael
Santa Fe
Santa Rosa
USD 150
Internal legs
Córdoba-Iguazú y v.v.
Córdoba-Mendoza y v.v.
Córdoba-Rosario y v.v.
Córdoba-Jujuy y v.v.
Córdoba-Salta y v.v.
Córdoba- Tucumán
Mar del Plata-Viedman y v.v.
Mar del Plata-Santa Rosa y v.v.
Mendoza- Neuquén y v.v.
Mendoza-Rosario y v.v.
Mendoza-Salta y v.v.
Mendoza-Bariloche y v.v.
El Calafate-Bariloche y v.v
El Calafate-Trelew y v.v
El Calafate-Ushuaia y v.v
Iguazú-Salta y v.v
Rosario- Iguazú y v.v
Santa Rosa-San Rafael
Viedma-Santa Rosa
  From / to BUE  
S.M. de los Andes
Comodoro Rivadavia
El Calafate
Río Gallegos
Río Grande
USD 200
Internal legs
Bariloche-Rosario y v.v.
Córdoba-Bariloche y v.v.
El Calafate-Córdoba y v.v.
Cdo. Rivadavia-Neuquén y v.v.
Cdo. Rivadavia-Río Gallegos y v.v.
Rosario-El Calafate
Ushuaia- Río Gallegos y v.v.



Tickets issued from 15th September 2015.

Minimum: 3 (three) flight coupons. May be combined with the "South American Pass".
Maximum: 12 (twelve) flight coupons between Visit Argentina and South American Pass.
The purchase of additional coupons is not permitted once ticket has been issued (even where the maximum of 12 coupons has not been reached).

Min / Max stay
Minimum: no restrictions.
Maximum: 90 days from the date of the first VISIT ARGENTINA flight.

Children: not applicable.
Infants: 10 % of adult fare.

Internal legs
Air segments with layovers not departing/arriving at BsAs must be booked separately, issuing one coupon per air leg.
E.g.: Flight Salta - San Carlos de Bariloche with a layover at Mendoza must be issued as two coupons, i.e. Salta - Mendoza as a coupon and Mendoza - San Carlos de Bariloche as a different one.

Only one pass per passenger may be issued.
VARG must be issued on a separate ticket in conjunction with an international ticket which must be shown at time of ticketing.
All taxes and additional charges must be collected at time of issue.
VARG can be issued at any country, Argentina included.
This pass can be issued at our web site (depending on the passenger’s country of residence) with no ticketing fee.
If issued in Argentina, domestic ticketing fee will be charged.
If issued outside of Argentina, ticketing fee valid in each country will be charged at time of issue.

Ticketing deadlines
Bookings made prior or up to 8 (eight) days before departure of the first flight selected must be issued at least 7 (seven) days before departure of the first flight selected or up to 7 (seven) days from the day in which the reservation has been made, whichever occurs first.
Bookings made between 7 (seven) and 2 (two) days before departure of the first flight selected must be issued between 24 hours after the reservation has been made.
Reservations made 1 (one) day before, or the same day of departure of the first flight selected must be issued between the next 6 hours after the reservation has been made or at latest 1 (one) hour before departure of the first flight selected, whichever occurs first.

Date changes: USD50 per transaction, any time, within allowed maximum stay.
Change of routing: USD50 per transaction, any time, subject to availability of seats in the same fare basis plus fare difference if applicable.

Refunds due to cancellation and penalty for no–show:

Before departure of first flight booked:
Original amount will be refund, less a cancellation fee of 30% of total fare.
After departure of first flight booked:
Refund not allowed.
Penalty for no-show: Charge of USD75 will apply.

VARG flights will accrue miles at promotional class level.

Luggage allowance and excess charges
Luggage allowance will be the same as applicable to the international arrival flight.
Standard excess luggage rates will apply to the applicable sector/s.