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We know your trip begins long before you get on the plane, so we want you to enjoy every moment with us with these simple tips.

If you want to add or remove one or more beneficiaries, it is very easy. All you have to do is to send a signed letter to with the following information:

-Name, last name, document number and date of birth of the beneficiary.

-Degree of Kinship between the beneficiary and the holder.

-Signature, full name, document and membership number of the holder.

-Copy of the identity document of the account holder.


Last but not least, remember three things:

- Only the spouse and direct ascendants and descendants in the first degree of consanguinity (parents, siblings and children) of the account holder can be named as beneficiaries.

- To add a beneficiary you must do so with a minimum of 7 (seven) business days in advance.

- If the account is in the name of a minor, the note must have the signature of parents and copy of the identity documents of the minor and of the minor’s parents or guardians must be attached. 


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