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Elite Members

Aerolíneas Plus pondrá en marcha un nuevo concepto en la selección de los pasajeros más frecuentes.

From birth, we are taught to fly, to gather momentum to reach new goals and achieve our dreams.

That is why, at Aerolíneas Argentinas we want to recognize those who fly the most with us by offering them a membership designed for them: Elite Members, in their Gold and Platinum categories. A way to recognize them and to offer them more and better benefits when traveling.

To obtain this membership it is necessary to meet any of these 3 requirements during the last 12 months.


25.000 basic air miles*

30 air segments (with credit of miles)

15,000 base air miles * and 15 air segments (with miles credit)


50,000 base air miles *

60 air segments (with mileage credit)

30,000 basic air miles * and 30 air segments (with mileage credit)

*The basic air miles are those obtained by flying according to the fare paid, without counting the extra miles granted by the Platinum/Gold member status or possible miles granted by promotional offers.

Important: the account evaluation is made monthly taking into account flights operated by Aerolíneas Argentinas, Austral or any of the SkyTeam alliance airlines. Once the Gold or Platinum category has been achieved, your membership will be valid from the following month onwards during the period of 1 year.
Elite membership is only available to members over the age of 12.