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Transport of insect repellent in view of the Dengue / Zica epidemic

Insect repellents are available as aerosol, spray or cream. Each passenger may carry CREAM insect repellent in his/her carry-on baggage and/or checked baggage and may carry AEROSOL insect repellent (only the one that is used on humans) only in the checked baggage.

The quantity permitted per passenger, including personal hygiene items is up to a total of 2 kg or 2 l. That is, a combination of the two must not exceed that quantity. Each container may not exceed 0.5 kg/ l.

Likewise, due to Security regulations for regional/ international flights, CREAM containers in carry-on baggage may not exceed 0.1 kg/ l per container.
Transport of spray insect repellent is PROHIBITED. They can only be shipped as cargo with the corresponding documentation and packaging.

Buenos Aires, February 5, 2015.