Wednesday, June 03, 2015

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Clarin lies and misinforms again


Once again, Clarín newspaper attacked Aerolíneas Argentinas with false and distorted information.


On today’s front page, Clarín lies when says that nine years after being taken over by the State, Aerolíneas has only 48 aircrafts, of which only two are its own.
The reality is totally different, because the company currently has 73 operative aircrafts, a fact that the journalist writing the article, Luis Ceriotto, can not ignore. The journalist can also not ignore that the State takeover of Aerolíneas Argentinas was approved by the National Congress on December 17, 2008, that is, that are not nine years as the cover of the newspaper says.


On that front page, the newspaper also lies saying that only two planes are own ones, when in fact, of the 73 operative aircrafts Aerolíneas currently has, 37% are own ones and the rest are leased with option to purchase. This latter modality is adopted by most airlines in the world, which the author himself points out in his article.
What the journalist Ceriotto does not say is that when the State took over the company, the value of the fleet was 340 million dollars and today the value of the fleet is 1,700 million dollars.


Regarding State transfers, the same article is recognizing a lower budgetary effort. In six years, the “weight” of Aerolíneas in State transfers was reduced to a quarter, going from 0.73% of the National Budget in 2009 to 0.19% in 2015.


With these investments, which for Clarín are expenses, Aerolíneas Argentinas has more planes, more frequencies, more destinations and more and more passengers with lower contribution from the State and with better service as the same newspaper recognizes in the article.