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Press releases 2015

Mariano Recalde presented his management before the Congress and presented the second Five-Years Plan


Aerolíneas Argentinas President, Dr. Mariano Recalde, exposed about his management of the company in the period 2009-2014 before the Bicameral National Commission for the Reform of the State and the Monitoring of the Privatizations of the National Congress about the management of the Company in the period 2009-2014 and the Business Plan for the five-years period 2014-2019.


Recalde, who was accompanied by the management staff of the company, expressed that his purpose in what remains of his management is that the transportation policy implemented by the Government is "a State policy" and that " it enables that person who will assume on the December 10, to have an ordered company, placed on the right track, and with a plan thought for a long-term"


Afterwards, he demystified some sayings have that have been installed in part of the society, as that the company “loses increasingly more money” could be, assuring that “Aerolíneas Argentinas is the most monitored and transparent public body”, not only because it is controlled and audited by the SIGEN, but also because "it has all the balance sheets approved by the Office of the General Auditor of the Nation and approved by the Corporation Control Authority”. He assured that “when they talk about loss of the State, the State does not lose anything, but it invests, it invests in connectivity”.  

With regard to it, Dr. Recalde stressed that the State spent a 0,73 % of the national Budget in Aerolíneas Argentinas and today it set a 0,19 % of the budget that the National Congress votes every year”.


"Last year the State transferred to Aerolíneas Argentinas 4,182 million pesos" but the company "paid the  State in terms of taxes and contributions 5.862 million pesos" and he highlighted that this is why  "it is convenient" to keep the company under the State administration.


Additionally, he stressed that whenever the State took over the company "there were 26 operative aircrafts" and that nowadays it has "71 operative aircrafts"; he also indicated that no Aerolíneas Argentinas “flies more" due to the fact that "it went from having 24.632 flights in 2008 to have 49.819 last year".


However, he said: "We do not mind if to connect and put again flights to all the capitals of the provinces after 25 years flights is not cheap to all the capitals of the provinces, we are going to keep them because Aerolineas Argentinas has another view and another mission since the State is in charge of it”.


He also assured that "revenues have increased a 73 per cent", he reviewed that the value of the fleet was of $ 342 million dollars and that today it is of 1.635 million dollars, and that “we have a fleet that incorporates new aircrafts.


He also reflected that "it can be improved", he listed that it has been spent "in infrastructure, rail equipment, training of cabin crew of the pilots and workshops for which not even a coin has been invested for 40 years"; he also informed that a new hangar is being built at Ezeiza International Airport, which has a value of 400 million pesos, in a "work that is one of the biggest one in Latin America".