Thursday, April 24, 2014

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We are working in the company in order to leave the future Aerolineas Argentinas administration a company much better than the one we received


Aerolineas Argentinas´s President, Dr. Mariano Recalde, together with the National Director of the Security Police of the Airport (PSA),  Mr. German  Montenegro, granted a press conference in which they gave details of the arrest of six employees of  Aerohandling Company involved in a cause  by theft of items from the baggage in the Metropolitan Aeroparque.


The cause, which is filed in the court of Dr. Ariel Lijo, was started in the month of July of last year, after a complaint made by the Aerolíneas Argentinas responsible himself in front of the claim of passengers and taking into account the missing elements in their baggage.


"Faced with the claims of the passengers and with the missing items from their baggage, I spearheaded the demand personally. We did it in silence last year, Justice took it and the Airport Security Police it was possible to advance in the investigation and obtain important results through a very remarkable work", said Recalde


The Aerolíneas responsible additionally clarified that " I want to leave aside of this result the enormous majority of workers and porters of the company who work day by day honestly", and also explained that "It is a very tiny group that we detected, but in no way implies a generalization and we say to passengers that we will continue working to eradicate this type of crimes in the company”.


Finally, Dr. Recalde said that" we are working in the company  in order to leave the future   Aerolineas Argentinas administration a company much better than the one we received from the previous management because it is private property of all the argentine people and, consequently, this is the best legacy we can leave. We hope that the one who has to continue, will be able to double the improvements already achieved in the service".


Buenos Aires, April 23rd, 2014


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