AUSTRAL Created in 1957, Austral began its operations from Aeroparque to the Argentine South with Curtiss C-46 aircraft, as well as non-scheduled cargo flights to Miami (USA). In June of 1961, a merger process with ALA (Aerotransportes Litoral Argentino) began, starting a joint operation. In 1971, a complete merger of the two companies was completed under the name AUSTRAL LINEAS AEREAS S.A.

The first Curtiss airliners were replaced by Douglas DC-6 and, in 1967; the fleet was modernized with BAC-111 jet airliners and the Japanese turboprop airliners Nihon YS11. In 1978, the DC-9 series 50 aircraft were added, after which they were retired in 1979.

In the early 1980’s, the first MD-80s arrived making Austral one of the pioneer airlines flying this aircraft. Years later, aircraft of the MD-81 and MD-83 series were added.

In the 1980s, Austral was nationalized and then privatized during the 1990s, starting a gradual merger between Austral and Aerolineas Argentinas.

At that time, the BAC-111s were replaced by eight Douglas DC-9, with seat capacity of 105, which were by the end of that decade replaced by Boeing 737-200 (108 passengers).

At present, Austral Líneas Aéreas, member of the Grupo Aerolíneas, has a modern and efficient fleet of 26 Embraer E-190 aircraft with on-demand in-flight entertainment system and operates domestic routes and regional flights.

Aerohandling It is the company that provides all ramp services to the Aerolíneas Argentinas and Austral aircraft.

Created in May 1997, it initially began operations at Ministro Pistarini (Ezeiza) and Jorge Newbery (Aeroparque) airports. Since November 2002, it operates in all the airports of the Argentine Republic, to which Aerolíneas Argentinas and Austral regular flights arrive.

As a result of the re-equipment and modernization plan, Aerohandling currently has special equipment such as tow tractors, vehicles, carts, stairs, lifts, generators. Likewise, the company has incorporated state-of-the-art X-ray equipment for the scanning of domestic cargo, in order to increase controls over goods for greater safety in handling and stowage.

Main services provided

  • Loading and unloading of baggage, cargo and mail.
  • Push back and towing of aircraft.
  • Provision of electric power and air starter.
  • Drinking water service. Toilet drain service. 
  • Stairs for embarking and disembarking passengers.
  • Aircraft marshalling for proper take-off.
  • Maintenance of trolleys for onboard catering, containers for baggage, ramp equipment and vehicle fleet of the business group.

Jet Paq S.A. is the company of domestic and small cargos of Aerolíneas Argentinas and Austral.

Created for this purpose in 1995, Jet Paq is the product of the experience of over fifty years in providing commercial air services, with significant participation in the Argentine cargo market and the only one prepared for the multiple connecting flights of the Aerolíneas Argentinas network.

With its infrastructure on land and air, Jet Paq is the Argentina’s company with the most extensive network, as it offers coverage through daily flights from and to the interior of the country, covering every day the main national destinations.

The Jet Paq services are divided into two types:


  • Includes the delivery of 'bags' with documents in the door-to-door system and with a fixed frequency. There are three modalities, according to the delivery time: Jet Paq Classic, Jet Paq Urgent and Jet Paq Super Urgent.


  • With logistics similar to that of the transport of parcels, it offers three modalities that meet the different needs of the customer: Ordinary Cargo, Classic Cargo and Express Cargo.

Aerolíneas Argentinas Cargo is the company responsible for marketing the holds of Aerolineas Argentinas’ aircraft for international cargo.

Aerolíneas Argentinas Cargo has a service network that enables cargo to reach any destination in the world, either in the Company's own aircraft, or through multiple accords with other aviation companies and/or land services.

The corresponding reservations can be made through our distribution channels: cargo agencies, general sales agents and/or our own offices.