Thursday, October 02, 2014

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Press releases 2014



Last September, 3rd, Aero Mexico representatives, enabled the ERJ-190 flight simulator to train their Captains, who have already started their training in the Center of Training for Pilots of the Argentine Republic.


Copa Airlines (Panamá and Colombia branches), TAME, Conviasa and Embraer are some Companies that are already training their pilots in our Center of Training.
Additionally, it is really a Business Unit for the Company, being the unique Training Center in its style in South America.

The Training and Learning Center for Pilots of the Argentine Republic (CEFEPRA), located at the Industrial Plant of Ezeiza, it is an icon of the Public Management and of the Aerolíneas Argentinas recovery. 

The totality of the Aerolineas Argentinas and Austral Líneas Aéreas pilots are trained there each six month, with the highest standards of training generating to the company savings of time and costs, avoiding trainings that the company had to make abroad before generating, thus, genuine incomes and permitting to rent the free hours for training of pilots of other airlines.


Its covered three thousand, nine hundred and fifty (3950) squared meters, that contain three (3) bays that have four (4) Dynamic Simulators and three (3) Static Simulators, five thousand and six hundred (5.600) squared meters for parking, seven (7) Classrooms to dictate the theoretical courses, a Bar, an Administrative area, a Conference Room for one hundred and twenty (120) people and an electrical sub- station, represent the recovering of a Training Center that belongs to the company itself, which overcomes that one  which made feel pride argentine people and that was shut down during the 1990s years.


Aerolíneas goes on growing.

Buenos Aires, September, 25th,  2014.