Sunday, March 01, 2015

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La Nación newspaper lies once again


In its edition today, The “La Nación” newspaper attacked again the State management of Aerolíneas Argentinas with malicious false data.
There are protests against the growth of employment in the aviation activity and it is stated with absolute falseness that productivity of the employees of the Company have diminished. The objective and unyieldingly reality that hides in the note is that Aerolineas Argentinas increased its production in an exponential way, going from flying 142.472 hours annually in 2008 to 276.390 hours planned for this year 2015.
It is about a growth of the 94% of the production with an increase of the personnel of only a 15% of the staff. It turned from having 24.632 frequencies in 2008 to 47.075 frequencies in 2014. In other words, it improved the productivity enormously. It is stated that the major increase of employees was registered in the ground staff. The journalist seems ignore that Aerolíneas transported about 5 millions of passengers in 2009, going from transporting in 2014 almost 10 million of passengers that are now assisted in due time and form  both in the Call Center, in counters, as well as in tapes of baggage, in branches and on board of the plane.
With respect to the data about productivity and efficiency as regards human resources, the note lies again, because in 2008 the el entrepreneur group had 300 employees per plane, while in 2015 this indicator changes the quantity to 164 employees per plane. In relation to pilots, the company occupied 33 pilots per plane in 2011, while in 2015 18 pilots per plane are employed.
As regards the transferences of the National State, the contributions of the National State have been reduced going from a 0, 73% of the total Budget of the State of the year 2009 to a 0, 19% for this 2015, according to what is foreseen by the budget law.
In spite of the fact that some sectors are still in the way of trying to discredit with malicious information with clear political content and with the intention of making the State stop from sustaining this public service and that it goes back to private managements, Aerolineas Argentinas continues complying with its plan of business and with its objective, which is to continue connecting all the country, after all, to continue growing.