Friday, January 30, 2015

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Press releases 2015

Aerolíneas Argentinas and Austral passengers can travel with their pets on board


Answering to the requirements of its passengers, Aerolíneas Argentinas shall permit, from next January, 15th onwards to travel with pets on board.

Only dogs and cats will be permitted exclusively in domestic segments.


The booking and sale of the “Pets in Cabin” service (PETC) will be performed from January, 1st, 2015 only through the Call Center at least seventy – two (72) hours in advance.

The service is not free and the value of the fares applied for each segment will depend on the destination of the trip.


The transfer of the pets in cabin must fulfill some requirements, for example that puppies must be older than 45 days from their birth. It is also necessary to have a health certificate, issued by a certified veterinarian, to be updated as regards anti-rabies vaccine, internally or externally deworming.


Pets will have to be transferred in an adequate container (cage), that will be placed under the front seat of the passenger, only one (1) animal  (dog or cat) each passenger, up to four each flight, one in Club Economy and three in Tourist Class)

Guide dogs, as usual, can travel at the feet of the passenger.


Aerolíneas Argentinas grants, in this way, another service to its passengers in order to let them travel without being separated of their pets. 

Buenos Aires, December, 31st, 2014